Martian Subculture On His Cozy New Single ‘I’ll Be Gold’

Imagine a distant world inhabited by the galaxy’s chillest aliens. That’s the world this new song, “I’ll Be Gold” would be blasting in.

With Martian Subculture, Irish musician Evan O’Malley creates airy and dreamlike music reminiscent of Homeshake and Mac DeMarco. O’Malley, who performs all of Martian Subculture’s music himself, describes the project as “psychedelic music for your brain” and “music from space”—which both indicate a futuristic sound coming out of 2040.

“I like to think of a song released in the context of some future fantasy society that I can just develop in my head as it goes on,” O’Malley tells BTRtoday. “I’d like the listener to feel cozy and get in a sleepy state—I think that’s the best way to experience the music, when you’re really really relaxed.”

“I’ll Be Gold,” Martian Subcultures’ newest track below, has a trippy melody floating over distorted and reverberating guitars. O’Malley sings soothing, reflective lyrics about letting go and lakeside relaxation and brings listeners to a place where nothing feels complicated.

O’Malley plans to release an EP later this year and Martian Subculture’s debut full-length album should follow soon after. In the meantime, get lost in his newest single “I’ll Be Gold” below and read the entire interview with O’Malley below.

BTRtoday (BTR): So what is the subculture of Martians?

Evan O’Malley (EO): Martian subculture is more of an aesthetic background for the music. I like to think of a song released in the context of some future fantasy society that I can just develop in my head as it goes on. I’m sort of developing a Martian world in my head that I’m going to develop in music videos and other visual mediums. I like the music to transport the listener, so the spacey context and album arts are designed to make that easier.

BTR: What made you want to start Martian Subculture?

EO: With Martian Subculture, I get to express music within a world I had in my head. I’m just glad it seems to connect with people. I think everyone needs a happy place. That happy place can be in a world created by music.

BTR: Let’s talk about this single “I’ll Be Gold”—what kind of mental activity went into it?

EO: I wrote “I’ll Be Gold” and five or six different songs that are on my EPs that are soon to come to Spotify and all those [streaming] sites. And it was a simple time in songwriting because I was younger and Martian Subculture was a new thing that could go any direction. Then I got a week off school for a midterm break and borrowed my friend Shane’s drum kit and recorded all of my first EP. It was all simple and dry, but it was what I needed to express myself.

BTR: If “I’ll Be Gold” was a dish being served would it be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and what kind of dish would it be?

EO: I think it would be lunch, but for a night owl. It’d be like 3 a.m., so it’d be more like a midnight snack. It’s a really hot dish and you have to eat quietly so you don’t wake your two-headed aggressive cat.

BTR: What’s your ideal reaction to someone hearing Martian Subculture for the first time?

EO: I’d like the listener to feel cozy and get in a sleepy state. I think that’s the best way to experience the music. When you’re really really relaxed.

BTR: What should we be keeping an eye out for in the future of Martian Subculture?

EO: You’re gonna be seeing some single releases happen within the next few months. Then I’m going to release an EP before developing my first full-length album. There’s also going to be other stuff like comic strips and music videos coming out and a community of artists set up of a label called “Ripe,” based in my city, Limerick.

BTR: What’s Martian Subculture’s go-to advice?

EO: Not to sound like a hippy but, just go with the flow—use intuition.