High Waisted’s LSD-Inspired Annual Booze Cruise Sails Again

You might think getting lost while on LSD would be terrifying.

Not for Jessica Louise-Dye. The frontwoman of NYC surf-rock group High Waisted is a walking acid trip already. Her personality is sparkling, her style is bright and colorful and has an angelic voice that, when paired with rowdy punk rock guitar, will make your brain swirl.

When BTRtoday chatted with Dye last summer, she was on tour at some side-of-the-road place to order tacos. Now, she’s gearing up for this year’s High Waisted At Sea 4: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Booze Cruise, August 30.

“This party is like your birthday, plus New Year’s Eve, plus your senior prom, plus your wedding all in one night,” Dye tells BTRtoday. “Why would you cheat yourself out of the best night of summer?”

Dye says that the band was in Austin, Texas when they decided to do acid under a full moon. They were lost and found themselves aboard a boat. Instead of wondering how they got there, they took it as a sign. The idea for the annual Booze Cruise was born and has now been going strong for four years.

This year the event will have Hypoluxo, Jonny Couch and High Waisted shredding the stage upon the sea. There will be a photo booth, conga lines, go-go dancers, face painting and a DJ set by Lord Fascinator. If that’s not enough for you, there’s also an open bar, courtesy of PBR.

Get your tickets here before they sell out (which they do every year) and read the entire trippy interview with Dye below.

BTRtoday (BTR): Hello Jess, you’re amazing.

Jessica Louise-Dye (JLD): No, you are.

BTR: Okay, that wasn’t a question. Anyways, tell me about how High Waisted decided to have a yearly rock ‘n’ roll booze cruise.

JLD: The idea was a fever dream born in Austin, TX high and lost on Acid. We wandered onto a boat under a full moon and decided it was a sign we needed to make this a reality in NYC.

BTR: What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened for you on these booze cruises?

JLD: People losing articles of clothing, like their pants. Seeing inflatable whales crowd surf a mosh pit. All the lovey-dovey couple sucking faces in the corners of the boat—and smashing my guitar.

BTR: What are you most excited about for this year’s booze cruise?

JLD: This is silly, but my mom and her best friend from high school are flying in to party with us. They’re gonna tear it up like teenagers.

BTR: What do you love most about having a show/party on a boat?

JLD: Throwing this party always seems like an impossible task—I’m pretty amazed we’ve been able to host such good times for four years now. It’s our way to thank friends and fans with the ultimate fun night of rock ‘n’ roll

BTR: Has anyone died and/or come close to dying during these wild parties on the sea?

JLD: Omg, No. Unless you can die from having too much fun? It’s no Titanic. The boat may be rocking, but safety is a priority.

BTR: Tell me about what High Waisted has been up to lately.

JLD: We’re releasing a split 7-inch with our buddies The Coax releasing on Little Dickman Records, September 15. You can pre-order the limited edition vinyl now. Our new singles pay homage to the classic Riot Grrl sound.

BTR: What can we look for in the future of High Waisted?

JLD: We’re headed on a six-week national tour, which you’ll be able to find the tour dates on our Facebook soon. It’s gonna be groovy. Can’t wait to dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean.

BTR: What do you have to say to those on the fence about going or not going to this year’s booze cruise?

JLD: This party is like your birthday, plus New Year’s Eve, plus your senior prom, plus your wedding all in one night. Why would you cheat yourself out of the best night of summer? Treat yourself and nurse the hangover with love.