Fever Beam Rocks You To Your Happy Place

Fever Beam is a rock ‘n’ roll trio who make music to both scare the shit out of you and make you feel alive.

The three musicians from St. Petersburg, Fla.—Kasey Maloney (vocals/guitar), Samantha Loder (drums) and Dane Giordano (bass)—haven’t stopped rockin’ out together since their first jam session almost a year ago. And just last week they finally released their very first single “Young Guns” that rips, rolls and takes you on a whirlwind of a musical adventure that you forgot to buckle up for.

“It’s about being bad at being good, but not letting that stop you,” Giordano says about the debut single.

“Young Guns” is just as catchy as any top 100 pop song, but it’s no sunshine-and-rainbows kind of tune. The song perfectly captures that chaotic essence of rock ‘n’ roll with distorted guitar, harmonized backing vocals and screaming lead vocals over a melody that strikes fear in your hearts and wiggles in your hips. It’s filled with fast drum rolls and face melting guitar shreds, but keeps things melodic enough that you can leave this song on repeat all day and never get sick of it.

“If ‘Young Guns’ was being served [for dinner] I believe it would be fried okra,” Maloney says. “The most jaded asshole at the party sees it and they’re like, ‘oh fuck yeah, they brought fried okra, yeehaw!’ Then everyone digs in on it—who doesn’t love fried okra?”

Loder says that Fever Beam isn’t just a band, it’s a state of mind and already buzzing within all of us. “It’s something to be embraced and indulge in,” she says. “[It’s being] swept up in a feeling, a fever that dims the harsh fluorescents of the world and carries you to your happy place. It’s just a lil something to keep the kids alright.”

Fever Beam is currently on the road for a short tour through Florida, Georgia and North Carolina while also working on their debut LP. In the meantime, listen to “Young Guns” and read the entire interview with the trio below.

BTRtoday (BTR): What is a Fever Beam? Should I be afraid? Should I be finding my own Fever Beam? Or both?

Kasey Maloney (KM): A Fever Beam is something that all of a sudden takes over you. To say the least, it’s bittersweet—you’re like, “I’m sick, what could it be, my body temperature is rising, I’m shaking, I’m rolling around,” and then all of a sudden, “YEEHAW,” a Fever Beam strikes you. And what comes next? You’re not sick anymore, you feel powerful. So [you should feel] both.

Samantha Loder (SL): Fever Beam is a state of mind, something to be embraced and indulge in. It’s within all of us already. The slight buzzing of electricity whizzing through the air right before something catastrophic happens. Swept up in a feeling, a fever that dims the harsh fluorescents of the world and carries you to your happy place. Fever Beam is just a lil something to keep the kids alright.

BTR: How did Fever Beam come to form?

KM: Fever Beam formed from the cold hard love of rock ‘n’ roll. I didn’t know quite how to play it or do it, but I listened to enough AC/DC and my guitar teacher was a punk. She always told me to start a band and I love shredding with these animal hound dogs, from the jump we had a great dynamic. I ain’t that smart at guitar yet, but I’m happiest when I’m playing, singing and screaming with Fever Beam and friends.

SL: We formed through a mutual love and respect for rocking. Also getting wild n’ out while still holding our composure.

Dane Giordano (DG): We just haven’t stopped making music since we all first came together to jam.

BTR: What’s something you all share a strong love for? Music-wise, life-wise, food-wise, ridiculous-wise—anything and/or everything.

DG: We all love our van “Corn Flake,” cooking each other healthy little meals and jamming and writing music, of course. And Kasey’s VHS collection, El Tenampa, smoking weed and going on nature walks.

KM: I got the boys into dressing up like cowboys. Neither of them has directly told me that they love it, but I have an inkling that they do.

BTR: Tell me about this new single, why did you choose “Young Guns” to introduce the world to Fever Beam?

KM: “Young Guns” is about when you turn in early, watch your favorite movie on VHS by yourself or with a homie and forget the rest. I wrote the song after I got my fake ID thrown in the trash at a bar—oops.

DG: We recorded it in Orlando on our friend’s tape machine, Simon Palombi from the Woolly Bushmen. It just seemed like the perfect little introduction to our band. It’s about being bad at being good, but not letting that stop you.

BTR: What’s your stage dynamic like? Paint a little picture of your live shows if you can.

KM: I play the guitar, I’ve got pre-show jitters like you wouldn’t believe. I’m always talking and causing a riot, ridiculously excited and who knows why (until I’m with my guitar onstage, then you see it). Sam, who’s the Virgin Mary behind the skins, is just as magic offstage as she is on. If you’re at a show and you see bubbles throughout the crowd, it’s probably because Sam is digging the scene. Uncle Dane very well could be the mastermind behind most of how this shit works, he’s the sweetest cowpunk of us all. He rips into his bass, hits ‘em with the backup vocals, kills all of it, walks off stage after he says, “we love you, goodnight” into the mic and tolerates all of my annoying antics. Truly heaven sent him, you gotta meet him.

SL: For live performances we try our best to stay fresh. Swag out with our freak flags way out and invite the audience to come close and get unruly with us.

DG: Three jungle dogs.

BTR: If “Young Guns” was being served for dinner what dish would it be?

KM: If “Young Guns” was being served I believe it would be fried okra. The most jaded asshole at the party sees it and they’re like, “Oh fuck yeah, they brought fried okra, yeehaw!” Then everyone digs in on it. Who doesn’t love fried okra?

BTR: What do you have in store for the future of Fever Beam?

KM: Future Fever Beam will hopefully be in your arms. We’ll be hard at work putting the finishing touches on our first album. Going to put a new paint job on our rusting van, writing more songs and ultimately touring as much as possible.

BTR: Anything else you wanna say? Life mottos? Fever Beam slogan?

KM: One last thing: Godspeed and rock ‘n’ roll forever. Fuck Donald Trump. Smoke us out when you see us if you want to truly strum our heartstrings. Start a band, scream in my face.

DG: Celebrate your weirdness, hug your mother and don’t believe the news.

SL:Stay high, stay fly.