Faux Ferocious on ‘Pretty Groovy’ & Playing NYC

They’re at home at honky tonks and comfortable in cowboy boots. Still, Faux Ferocious isn’t your typical Nashville rock band.

Reid Cummings (drums), Dylan Palmer (bass), Jonathan Phillips (guitar/vocals), Terry Kane (guitar/vocals) and Gordon Gorgeous (bongos) create pensive thrashers that rock. After four years together, they released their third full length Pretty Groovy in February; a dark and hazy collection of riffs that throw your heart into your throat and fuzz into your mind. Though some of the lyrics are frantic, the album lives up to its title by keeping things groovy enough for you to want to keep your ears glued to the jams and never stop swaying.

The boys pass through NYC this Friday at Manhattan’s intimate grunge palace Berlin with Metalleg and People’s Court. Gorgeous says it’s, “something not to miss” and Kane says they’re going to “give it their all.”

In the meantime, read the entire interview with Terry Kane and Gordon Gorgeous of Faux Ferocious below and catch them in the city this weekend—more info on the show here.

BTR: How’s your Pretty Groovy tour going so far? Any moments for the books yet? How does playing in a big city compare to a small city for guys?

Gordon Gorgeous (GG): Well, the tour is going pretty great. So far we have been to a lot of cities we enjoy and we’ve seen a lot of friends we enjoy and have had a lot of food that we enjoy.

Terry Kane: (TK): Small cities are fun to live in and visit but so are big cities. People generally act the same way in both, but sometimes it is easier to find food late at night in the big cities.

BTR: Tell me about the band dynamic—is there a designated band parent or band jokester?

TK: We all know each other so well. Everyone can want everything and be everything at the same time—rasta man, shaman, soul rebel, herbsman and prophet, those are probably the five primary roles in the band. I’d say even before the instruments we play. Gordon is for sure the soul rebel, I’d say I am the prophet, Reid is rasta man, Dylan is the shaman and Jonathan is the herbsman.

BTR: Let’s chat about your last release Pretty Groovy—did you experiment with anything totally new for you guys?

GG: Well, Pretty Groovy marks the first release for Faux Ferocious that is strictly a studio album. All the prior recordings have been done on various semi-working Tascam tape machines around the middle Tennessee area. Pretty Groovy was recorded at famed Chase Park Transductions in Athens, GA. This album was the first time that I was featured on bongos for several of the songs. However, I wasn’t credited on the inner sleeve of the album, [but] I’m very excited about doing some recordings later this year where my name will be featured on the album.

TK: We were able to really find some zones and some tones. It’s amazing how much easier it is when all of the recording equipment works and the person running it knows what they are doing. Drew Vandenberg engineered and co-produced the record with us. He is a patient whiz who can make your craziest ideas come to fruition.

Faux Ferocious, “Big Kahuna” (2017)

BTR: What’s a good intro track to Faux Ferocious for soon-to-be fans?

GG: “Price of Progress” seems to be the most played track off of Pretty Groovy, but I would have to say that “Chase the Dream” is the most easily accessible track to new fans. It’s a groovin’ rockin’ tune and it features me on the bongos. It’s also the first track off of the album.

BTR: Have you guys ever written a song or made a piece of art that made you roll your eyes at first, but eventually grew on you?

TK: We’ve made a lot of stupid songs but they all have a purpose, I suppose. You gotta get some bad ideas out of the way to make room for good ideas, ya know?

BTR: Anything else you’d like to add? Life mottos, wisdom, favorite color, shout outs, future plans for Faux Ferocious, a good ‘ole fashion “hi mom!”?

GG: We’re super-jazzed to be coming back up to NYC and to be playing Berlin with such great pals Metalleg and People’s Court. We are very excited to see all of our friends in NYC. It’s a shame we don’t come up more, but we might be back in early September or early October. Don’t miss this show. I’ll be there playing bongos for my first ever NYC show appearance. It is something not to miss.

TK: Drive safe and come out to the show, it’s gonna be a fun one. We’ll give it our all.

BTRtoday (BTR): Hey guys, tell me about this hot cakes and turkey burgers in your Facebook “about” section. Is this a way of life or would you say your music would be hot cakes and turkey burgers if it were food or both?

Gordon Gorgeous (GG): Well, the weird thing about that is that something on Facebook will not let us delete it. It’s permanently stuck on there. We’ve tried to delete it many times. I’m not sure who put it up or why it won’t come off. We’ve even contacted Facebook and they’ve tried to remove it off of our page, but they can’t as well. It’s a true internet mystery at this point.

I believe at the time in Tennessee turkey burgers were being sold with buns of hotcakes instead of that of normal buns. It was a big fad at the time. Nowadays, you can’t find it anywhere in Tennessee. Perhaps Memphis, but none of us have been there in some time to really sniff it out. Also, when you go to Memphis you want to eat that saucy sauce BBQ with pancakes. You don’t want to eat any turkey burgers, I’ll tell you that much.