Devyn Moon Is Cooking Up A Three-Course Meal of Killer Tunes

Devyn Moon creates beautifully comforting songs that are cathartic and yet upbeat with pop melodies that keep you hooked and lyrics that make you want to cry.

Her recent single “Fast As I Can” is crispy fresh. The beat is unique and catchy, while the lyrics that switch from spoken to sung and distorted to clean create a track that wraps around your head and ruminates for days. Though it comes off as a ballad, the song is still a perfect jam to dance your heart out to.

The past couple years have been emotional for Moon, but it hasn’t stopped her from being creative. She tells BTRtoday that she’s got a full course meal of music cooking up that she’s super excited about.

Read the entire interview with Devyn Moon below!

BTRtoday (BTR): Your aesthetic seems like it’s boundless. If you could describe your style in three words, what words would you choose?

Devyn Moon (DM): Boundless is a good word to describe how I feel about my style. I’d probably say vast, eccentrically chill, and intimate. My fashion aesthetic sorta gives the vibe of being that person that’s perfectly fine with eating snacks on the couch at a house party the whole night but would be down for a good wholesome conversation. And in my music, I always make stuff I’d want to dance or chill too specifically when you’re jamming by yourself in the car or room.

I tend to come off as a pretty strong personality at first impression but I truly like those intimate spaces the most. I always felt like the weird kid that was okay with being by themselves, the one that mostly observes and doesn’t always speak up but always had strong opinions about everything. Also, I’m a Cancer/Leo Cusp so if that explains anything… Though unintentional, I feel that my current “aesthetic” resonates externally from that feeling of being whoever I feel like being that day.

BTR: If your listeners could walk away with only one line stuck in their head from any of your songs, what line would you hope that would be?

DM: I think to this day this line in “Remedy” still rings true for me which was: “…Wake me up when it’s over, I promise that I’ll be better but not for you, not for her, not for them but for me cause I need a remedy.” At this point in my life, I had a realization that I was no longer going to keep draining my energy at the cost of proving my value to others. You know how when you’re healing from heartache or any emotional trauma it’s never a decision of, “I’m not going to be sad about this anymore.” Grief is a gradual process and whether you like it or not, it hurts a little less every day, and then one day you wake up and it’s not at the forefront of your mind anymore. I feel that when writing that line I had just hit that point, I was elated, but with this new chapter if I was going to be better or do better for anyone it had to be for myself.

I hope that people who listen can resonate with that in one form or the other. You can’t give pure unconditional love or heal anyone else if you can’t give that to yourself first. What’s that thing airline attendants say but no one really pays attention? “ In case of cabin pressure emergency, put on your own mask first before assisting others.”

Devyn Moon “Remedy”

BTR: What’s a point in your musical lifespan that you still look back at and think “wow!”?

DM: I really do think I am in constant disbelief of every musical milestone that I’ve managed to reach at this point. Even all the way back when I was just a wee Devyn that had trouble keeping tempo. If I were to choose one it would be the last time I was in New York in 2019 and that week was filled with some crazy stories. I had posted my first song ever on Soundcloud in 2017 and Nat from Novacation reached out to chat. They were smaller at the time before they hit it big. We became really good friends after that and I’d come to stay with them in NY when I came to visit and each year they just kept getting bigger and bigger. The last time I saw them play a sold-out show at Bowery Ballroom and shed a tear out of pure happiness.

That same week I met up with some A&R guys that I had met at SXSW and they took me to a private Atlantic Records listening party for Mario in Soho. I told him, “’Let Me Love You’ was my go-to karaoke song.” From label tours to backstage events and I got to meet artists and YouTubers that practically E-raised me from 6th-11th grade and told me they loved my music.

I think at that time I was starting to see some sort of momentum building and I was pretty happy. But with this incident and so many other stories, I wish I had the time to gush about what occurred every time, I’m just like holy crap life is so crazy! I feel like every interview request or concert invite gives me this exciting emotion of opening a college acceptance letter.

BTR: What have you been up to during the pandemic? Has the chaos affected you creatively at all?

DM: I feel like the pandemic gave me the solitude and stillness I needed to focus more on pressing matters in the world outside of music. I feel as if the chaos sort of allowed my creative endeavors to slow down a bit in a good way it allowed me to appreciate it a bit more again. My brother had passed away this year and I was rebuilding my mother’s home after this nasty ice storm. And all of 2020 I was trying the best I could to be as politically active in the BLM movement and the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes movement. I’ve been working on projects nonetheless, but I think right now my family, loved ones, health, and just real life adulting stuff is the most important right now. I’m in no rush to be anywhere, music will always be there but I feel some moments with the ones you love are so fleeting. So I’d like to enjoy it as much as I can and work on balancing out my personal/professional life when the world decides to hit the gas pedal again.

BTR: What are you cooking up for the future of your music?

DM: Oh man, I’ve been cooking up a three-course meal with appetizers, entree, and dessert for the next half of the year coming up. Singles, collaborations, a whole debut EP and I’m currently programming a cute 8-bit game to go along with it. I’m literally super excited and I’ve got the team all ready to go once I give a green light. Get ready to eat!