Chatting With & Premiering Floam’s Thoughtful New Music Video

NYC rockers Floam usually stay bouncy and colorful in their sound. But this time around they’re getting introspective.

While babysitting a couple of friends who were on a psychedelic trip, Floam frontman Godfrey Furchtgott was tripping on the thought of a new band name. He eventually had his epiphany when he saw his trippy friends playing with a playdough-like toy called “Floam.” Ever since, he’s been molding his creativity like his own clump of Floam. And now we have the music video for “Thinking Back” to show for it.

“A lot of my lyrical ideas come from extremely normal events that act as some kind of catalyst in my mind,” Furchtgott tells BTRtoday. “‘Thinking Back’ was triggered by this encounter I had with a total stranger, but we both thought we knew each other and it just sent me flying down memory lane.”

“Thinking Back” takes on a new form for Floam. While they’re usually rocking out the danceable, carefree indie tunes, this one takes a step back and shows a more emotional side to the group. Its hazy melody and echoing vocals take you on a ride through your own mind.

Get lost in the song and and wander NYC in the new music video below.

Floam, “Thinking Back”

BTRtoday (BTR): Let’s get this outta the way—why the name Floam?

Godfrey Furchtgott (GF): The idea came to me when [hallucinogenic] trip-sitting for some friends. They were playing with this stuff that looks like if play-dough and styrofoam had a sticky colorful baby. They were making shapes with it and it was just getting everywhere—clothes, hair, furniture. They were happily in a different dimension but I was, at the time, in the somewhat OCD process of searching for a name for my new songwriting project. The name and the stuff itself somehow resonated with the songs that I was writing and recording at the time—the stickiness and playfulness of it.

BTR: Tell me about the relation of your music to video making.

GF: Rock and pop music was a forbidden fruit for me growing up. I discovered a lot of music that I had missed by watching music videos on YouTube. I think all musicians see their music to a certain extent. I’ve been really fortunate to make videos for several Floam songs with some amazing friends and filmmakers.

This one is the first without any band members in it and it was shot and edited entirely in the span of 24-hours by my longtime friend and collaborator Nic Motyka. It stars Sarah and Sofia, two inseparable friends I met at a dance party and who have come to almost every single Floam show since.

BTR: You say your music is usually more “groovy/sensual,” but this new song “Thinking Back” takes a more introspective route—why’s that?

GF: Floam does tend to stay on the groovy/sensual side. It’s where we feel the most in our element, but we end up being pretty pluralistic in our musical approaches. A lot of my lyrical ideas come from extremely normal events that act as some kind of catalyst in my mind. “Thinking Back” was triggered by this encounter I had with a total stranger, but we both thought we knew each other and it just sent me flying down memory lane.

BTR: What’s the most fun part of being in a band to you?

GF: Hauling a carload of gear back to our rehearsal space at 2 a.m. Coordinating four busy schedules. [Laughs] Not really. But my point is that there’s a ton of not-fun that happens in a band, and anyone who says otherwise is either way chiller than me, or is lying.

But there’s a kind of magic that happens at a show when you bring an audience together and there is this tension and energy and release in the room. That stuff is hard to put into words but it makes it all worth it.

BTR: If you could give advice to someone thinking about starting a band, what would you tell them?

GF: I feel that it’s like starting a vegetable garden with other people. You have to be really honest and communicative and nurturing and also keep it fun or else nobody will end up with the heirloom tomatoes they wanted and everyone just ends up with zucchini.

BTR: What do you ideally want your listeners to feel from your music?

GF: At this point, we have a variety of different flavors to our records, but for our latest singles, “Thinking Back” and “Saturday,” we were looking for this inner colorful journey. Good to spice up an evening jaunt or to add zest to your early morning walk back home after a night out. Our upcoming music has a very different function, but these latest ones are definitely aimed at personal, on-the-go listening.

BTR: If your band had a life motto, what would it be?

GF: If our band had a life motto I think it would be very immature, and you wouldn’t want it in this publication. [Laughs] We are much better at playing rock shows.

BTR: What should we be keeping an eye out for in the future of Floam?

GF: Floam (the toy) is really big in the ASMR community, so we are thinking we should try that soon. More importantly, we have an EP called Dirty Weekend coming out at the end of the summer, plus tour dates are being planned around that in September.