Cat Clyde Gets Velvety & Vintage

Cat Clyde’s vocals are soft but with just a touch of toughness. Paired with classic but simple instrumentation, it creates a sound that’s beautiful, yet killer.

Clyde’s music is driven by a passion for tragedy. She draws on blues, rock and folk to evoke powerful emotions. Her voice travels like Billie Holiday, Etta James and Peggy Lee. Her sweet and low vocals create melodies that swirl your thoughts around but assures you that you’re safe and loved. With slide guitar and gentle drums accompaniment, Clyde’s sound will have you on the brink of tears and unsure if you’re happy or said.

The Canadian singer-songwriter’s goal is to make music listeners lose themselves in the music. “I really love just being inside a song,” she tells BTRtoday. “You can really stop time when you’re caught inside something really good.”

Earlier this month, Clyde released her sophomore LP Hunters Trance, inspired by her dog and pioneering artists like folk/bluegrass singers Connie Converse and Michael Hurley. It’s a tearjerker, but Clyde’s hardly wallowing. She’s using the pain to paint the true beauty of the wilderness, heartbreak and life passing by.

Cat Clyde will be back for a U.S. tour in the fall and is working on creating an all-acoustic album to really play those heartstrings. In the meantime, listen to Hunters Trance and read the entire interview with her below.

BTRtoday: It sounds like you have a nice eclectic array of vintage sounds that inspire you. What are some of your main ones?

Cat Clyde (CC): Right now I’ve been really obsessed with Connie Converse’s record How Sad, How Lovely, and Michael Hurley’s record Armchair Boogie.

BTR: What’s your favorite thing about writing and playing music?

CC: I really love just being inside a song. You can really stop time when you’re caught inside something really good.

Cat Clyde “All The Black”

BTR: I feel like I see a lot of wolf imagery for this upcoming album Hunters Trance—why is that?

CC: The wolf on the album cover is loosely based on my dog, who was an incredible friend and inspiration to me. I was told she was part wolf and I learned more from her than anything or anyone else. She was with me while I wrote all the songs on this record, but she passed before I started recording. I know she would have approved, though.

BTR: I see you’re coming to play NYC soon, do you have any pre-show rituals you do to prepare to play?

CC: I usually warm up my voice, and I try to meditate a bit or stretch.
BTR: What else should we be keeping an eye out for in the future of Cat Clyde?

CC: I’m really excited about heading to Europe this summer for some shows and festivals, as well as my North American tour this fall. I’m also working on recording a stripped down acoustic record.