Canadian Punks The Dirty Nil Get To The Point

Like a Ramones song, this interview clocked in at under three and a half minutes, but it got the job done.

The scrappy punk back is touring with their idols Against Me! (and Bleached). Dirty Nil frontman Luke Bentham says it’s the U.S. tour of their dreams. The Dirty Nil take pop punk and hardcore and mush it into a chaotic soundball.

Like the best punk rock, The Dirty Nil don’t waste time—these guys lack the attention span to dwell on details. The band was already on tour with Against Me! when BTRtoday chatted with Bentham via email. His responses were hardly complete sentences, but he was still able to paint a vivid picture of the group’s character.

For example, when asked about his “weed rules” statement made at Canada’s Juno awards after they won Breakthrough Group of the year, he simply said, “can’t confirm or deny that this even took place, was too stoned at the time.”

Catch the whole tour this Saturday, Oct. 14, at Brooklyn Steel.

Read the entire interview with Bentham below—perfect for those with short attention spans or are maybe a little too high.

BTRtoday (BTR): What are some bands that have influenced you guys?

Luke Bentham (LB): St. Anger era Metallica is our sole influence.

BTR: What’s usually on your playlist while you guys are on the road?

LB: Serial killer podcasts and Outkast.

BTR: Who were some of your music heroes growing up?

LB: Fred Durst and Conway Twitty.

BTR: How did it feel to win Breakthrough Group of the Year?

LB: Finally, a formal recognition of our genius.

BTR: I read you said “weed rules!” at the end of your award speech. Would you mind elaborating?

LB: Can’t confirm or deny that this even took place; was too stoned at the time.

Photo by Yoshi Cooper

BTR: Where did the name The Dirty Nil come from?

LB: A bored 16-year-old.

BTR: Other than music, what else influences your sound and lyrics?

LB: Black coffee and fear of returning to my job as a limo cleaner.

BTR: How does it feel to be playing with Against Me! ?

LB: It’s the American tour we’ve dreamed of—finally, we have an opponent who can go toe-to-toe with our trash talking and gear nerdery.

BTR: What should we be keeping an eye out for the future of The Dirty Nil?

LB: A shifting of the general landscape of modern music, at our behest.

BTR: Any life advice you’d like to drop?

LB: Go start a band.