Black Stone From The Sun Fuses Steve Irwin And Kurt Cobain

They’ll rescue emus, shriek at spiders and bring back grunge all in one night.

Though the Australian duo don’t use dangerous animals at their shows (but venomous spiders could be around; I mean, it’s Australia … ), their music sets a vibe as exciting as wrestling a crocodile.

Black Stone From The Sun is comprised of good friends Sean Mackay and Jack Nelson. Mackay provides the angst-ridden lyrics and guitar shreds, while Nelson goes hard on the drums. He apparently is also Steve Irwin 2.0, constantly rescuing animals around his home, including a pet emu.

“I’ve been rescuing a lot of frogs from the pool lately too,” he tells BTRtoday. “It’s becoming a real problem.”

The two met in high school about ten years ago and have been a budding duo ever since. They pull influences from Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and fellow Perth musicians like The Love Junkies and Foam.

Their latest release, the single “My Tibetan Sky Funeral,” fearlessly reveals their most grungy side. With guttural hollers that end on raspy howls sung between melodic lyrics and drum solos, the single is bursting with emotion. We can’t wait for their debut full-length album to come out sometime before the end of this year.

Read the full interview below where we talk about bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica. Just kidding, but we do talk about bears.

BTRtoday (BTR): So, how are you today? What kind of shenanigans have you two been getting into?

Sean Mackay (SM): Not too bad, just at work and it really sucks.

Jack Nelson (JN): I can’t complain. Haven’t really gotten into any shenanigans lately because I’m focusing on caring for my vegetable garden. They’re all dying at the moment.

BTR: How did you two meet and form Black Stone from the Sun?

JN: We decided that we should try out something together without a bass player and see if we can get by with just being a two-piece, so far so good.

BTR: Where did that band name come from? Is there a meaning behind it?

SM: It came from the Jimi Hendrix song “Third Stone from the Sun.” I wanted to call the band that, but for Google search purposes, it just didn’t work.

BTR: What’s the music scene like for you guys in Perth?

SM: I love it. I think that Perth has the best scene in Australia right now. Some of my biggest musical influences are local, such as The Love Junkies, Foam and Pat Chow.

JN: It’s an awesome place to write and play your own stuff. We have a close-knit music community here, full of great people and there’s a real sense of comradery at the majority of gigs around the city.

BTR: How many freaky bugs and/or furry animals do you usually see a day? (This is how I imagine life in Australia … )

SM: Well for me, I just see the average small bugs and spiders that kick around the house. Jack, on the other hand is like a Steve Irwin 2.0 minus the khakis. He has a pet emu, two goats, two dogs, a sheep, a cat, chickens and whatever other creatures cruise about his property.

JN: I’ve been rescuing a lot of frogs from the pool lately too. It’s becoming a real problem.

BTR: What scares you more, bears or spiders?

SM: Definitely spiders, because they like to enter your house at night.

JN: We don’t really have issues with bears here; we only get to see the cute baby bears on Facebook. So yeah, spiders for me too.

BTR: What’s a live show like for Black Stone from the Sun?

SM: Controlled chaos

JN: Sweaty and sensual

BTR: What’s in store for of the band?

JN: We’re going to put out a single in the coming months and then release our debut album before the end of the year along with a tour of Australia and possibly some other places this side of the hemisphere.