A Cheeky Chat With Warmduscher

Noisey called UK’s Warmduscher the “weirdest shit,” but frontman Clams Baker and drummer Lightin’ Jack Everett beg to differ.

“I don’t think anything is weird about Warmduscher,” Everett tells BTRtoday. “I think Noisey is weird as fuck.”

I wouldn’t call Warmduscher’s vibe “weird.” I would say it’s like a creepy Florida dad that you’re surprisingly envious of—the guy who wears no pants and yells whatever the hell he wants. Then it turns out he has a degree in existential phenomenology and is actually carefully testing the boundaries of western society.

Also, their songs are incredibly catchy. Currently touring the UK, Everett describes their live sets as the square root of “1,000 dads perpetually falling up a step through 3D glasses.”

The group is comprised of misfits from many different rock bands—a refined list of music veterans, if you will.

Clams Baker (vocals) comes from Mutado Pintado and Paranoid London, which also includes The Witherer aka Little Whiskers (synth). Lightnin’ Jack Everett (drums) and The Saulcano (guitar) are from Fat White Family. Saulcano also has a solo project called Insecure Men that Mr. Salt Fingers Lovecraft (bass) plays in who is also from the band Childhood. Got all that?

Their newest album Whale City comes out June 1 via The Leaf Label. It’s gritty punk with a flare for melody.Tracks like “Big Wilma” and “Neon Tongues” have simple beats supporting instrumentation that’s intricate and detailed. The esoteric lyrics will leave you wondering whether the words have a million meanings or none at all.

Read the interview with Clams Backer and Lightnin’ Jack Everett of Warmduscher below (Everett answered, Clams typed) to find out how everyone got their nicknames, tales of blimp conventions and to find out what it really means to be Renaissance men. (Also, please let me in on all the British humor that went over my head—thanks … )

BTRtoday(BTR): How did this magnificent group of misfits end up meeting each other and making music together?

Clams Baker (CB) & Lightnin’ Jack Everett (LJE): We met in the autumn of 1978 at a blimp convention that The Witherer was hosting as Louisiana’s premiere blimp manufacturer.

BTR: I know a lot of the members are in other music projects, does that affect or influence Warmduscher at all?

CB/LJE: Only when Salt Fingers needs to play in Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Apart from that it’s all gravy.

BTR: Let’s talk the new album—musically and visually speaking this album seems like it’s pulling inspirations from every crevice of humanity, do you have any specific inspirations that you concentrated on or tried out for the first time?

CB/LJE: We’re Renaissance men that do Renaissance things and if that’s too much for anyone then you can get the hell out of my sight.

BTR: Having met a couple of the guys in your band I assume the live shows are pretty wild, could you maybe paint a picture of how those might go down?

CB/LJE: Imagine 1,000 dads perpetually falling up a step through 3D glasses then find the square root of that and you are there.

BTR: Noisey described you as the “weirdest shit” to appear in their inbox, what do you think about that?

CB/LJE: I don’t think anything is weird about Warmduscher, I think Noisey is weird as fuck.

BTR: Has your music evolved in any way since you first started?

CB/LJE: Hopefully not, but if it has Mazol Toff.

BTR: I love when bands give each other a nickname, how did everyone earn their names?

CB/LJE: When you take a bullet for a friend it’s customary to commemorate it in the form of a name, but I’ve never taken a bullet and none of these people are my friends so…

BTR: What should we be keeping an eye out for in the future?

CB/LJE: Everything except runway appearances during Paris Fashion Week. Inshallah.