A Chat And Double Song Premiere with Telefones

Remember the days you had to tell your mom to hang up the phone so you could have a private conversation with your friend? No? What about the days you could angrily close your flip phone after having an intense argument over the phone? Too young for that, too?

Whatever your phone history, the Nashville-based band the Telefones are on the line with catchy up-beat rock ‘n’ roll with a gritty outlaw flare.

Telefones members Wes Salton (guitar/vocals), Jack Faulkner (guitar), Jason Chiarella (bass/synth) and Adam Reeve (drums/vocals) are premiering two new singles, “Poor Bobby” and “Roadkill.” Lo-fi, yet intricate, these two songs introduce Telefones as rowdy rockers with bold beats and complex riffs. Old school rock ‘n’ roll is an obvious inspiration for the group, with melodies comparable to bands like The Easybeats and Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers.

“It’s easy to waste a lot of time thinking up a band name,” Chiarella tells BTRtoday about the band. “This one’s got a nice ring to it.”

Listen below and read the entire interview with Telefones—catch them in Greenpoint at Saint Vitus Bar with Sun Voyager on July 11.

BTRtoday (BTR): How did you guys all meet?

Wes Salton (WS): Jason and I met when we were six in Kindergarten. Jack and I became friends in Boston when we were about 17, through a mutual friend. We all met Adam when we got to Nashville for school, I think at a music festival or something.

BTR: How long have you been Telefones for?

Adam Reeve (AR): The current line up of Telefones has existed for about two years.

BTR: Why the name Telefones?

Jason Chiarella (JC): It’s easy to waste a lot of time thinking up a band name. This one’s got a nice ring to it.

BTR: Do you remember the last person you called on a landline?

WS: Probably Jason or my grandmother.

BTR: Since we’re on the subject of telephones, what was your first cell phone? R.I.P. flip phones.

AR: Samsung slide-out keyboard, I miss it honestly.

Jack Faulkner (JF): Nokia-Motorola Razr-sidekick. They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

JC: My first cell phone was a Samsung Razr. It was simple but it got the job done.

WS: Some poor Droid I lost to the sea.

BTR: You guys don’t have any music out in the world really yet, how would you describe it to someone who’s never heard it?

JF: Loud, tense—perfect to listen to during recreational activities such as water skiing, sword fighting, bull fighting, hot air ballooning and brushing your teeth.

BTR: Can you paint a picture of what your live shows are like?

AR: Our live shows are often filled with both friends and strangers. Personally, I just like to give them something fun to watch and hear.

JC: Imagine 70-percent the energy of a Thee Oh Sees show with less than 20 people in the room.

BTR: Have you had a favorite show you guys have played yet?

WS: We recently got to open for Iceage, who we have all been fans of for years. It was an intensely delightful moment when we got that.

JF: I’ve enjoyed playing Spew Fests one-three in Nashville. Cold Lunch Recording throws them and they’re always a great time. Other than that we just played a wonderful show in Birmingham celebrating Lady Legs last record release.

BTR: Tell me about these songs premiering today—what were their hopes, dreams and inspirations?

AR: “Poor Bobby” is about a nasty greedy guy getting some justice.

WS: “Roadkill” was written on the road, and it is about exactly its namesake. As for its intent, it is but a glimpse.

BTR: What’s going on with Telefones currently?

WS: I think the biggest thing we have going now is our first couple of tracks coming to vinyl by the end of the summer with a 45. Cold Lunch Recordings and Banana Tapes are handling the release and we are pretty excited. After that we have more plans to release music in the fall and winter, we just have to get some ducks lining up nice and pretty first. Other than that, just playing as much and in as many places as possible.

BTR: Got anything else we should know about? Show dates, announcements, shout-outs, life mottos, confessions, favorite colors, whatever.

AR: Shout out to John Travolta.

JF: We plan on entering the book publishing industry and self-releasing a children’s book and a cookbook sometime in the future. Hopefully, [also] a range of books that can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you have any experience illustrating, publishing, printing, or distributing books feel free to call me and we can have a chat about it.

JC: Listen to Surface to Air Missive; if anyone is in need of support it’s that man, Taylor Ross. A genius.

WS: Look for us in the Northeast in July.