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Comprised of musical talents and NYC-music scene pioneers Becca Chodorkoff (vocals), Chris Nunez (guitar), Tarra Theissen (bass), and Drew Adler (drums), each member contributes a piece to the sonic puzzle that culminates in Rosebug–a smattering of beautiful sounds to fill your ears with dreamy, rock-and-roll goodness.

Their music destinies were brought together by the powers of Craigslist. Back in 2015, Chodorkoff was bored and depressed yearning to sing in a band, and Nunez was on the prowl for the perfect lead singer. They both took to the internet and fate brought them together—the rest is history!

The band recently finished their debut LP, which was recorded at a semi-secret Bed-Stuy studio in a cavernous Brooklyn warehouse. The tracks reflect a melancholic teenager’s broken heart and the coped-up aggression of a grown-ass punk rocker singing together. Currently, Rosebug are scouting for the best way to go about releasing this album. One thing’s for sure: once it hits the scene, things will never be the same.

“We love it and we’re really excited for everybody to hear it,” Chodorkoff tells BTRtoday, bursting with visible enthusiasm and excitement.

Though they all have their own magical side projects, like Tarra and Adler’s Sharkmuffin, Chodorkoff’s band with her producer and boyfriend, and Nunez’s several collaborations, they still somehow have time to put their hearts and souls into Rosebug. They’re able to use their other musical experiences as inspirations when creating the sultry tunes and melodies for the band.

Make sure to follow them on all their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) to catch the release of their debut album, and stay up-to-date on what they’re cookin’ up next! Catch them live at Alphaville on September 22nd!

Chodorkoff joined us in the BTR studio, along with guitarist Nunez on the phone, to chat about the soon-to-be released album, the ups and downs of the NYC music scene, and the bright life and future of Rosebug.

BTRtoday (BTR): How did you guys meet and end up putting together Rosebug?

Becca Chodorkoff (BC): Do you want the real story or the fake story? [Laughs]. I guess we’ll tell you the real story. Deep in the winter of 2015 I was unemployed and depressed and lonely, so I was like, “man, I need to be in a band!” So I went on Craigslist and started responding to ads. So that’s how I met Chris, and the rest of our band, who are actually not in our band anymore—we have a new drummer and bassist since then. But yeah, it was all thanks to the Internet!

BTR: What are your individual musical backgrounds?

BC: I’ve been singing my whole life—it’s one of those things where I never really took it as something seriously that I would pursue. It was just something that I couldn’t not do. My sister and I used to spend long car rides improvising duets for hours on end. I’ve always just been a really musical person. I remember lyrics really really well, and I would always write my own words to things very extemporaneously. These were always things I loved to do, but I was always like, “it’s just something that I do by myself and maybe I’m not good enough and maybe I shouldn’t show anybody.”

Then in college I started writing a lot of music and playing guitar and singing alone in my room. For a long time I just kept thinking, “I’m not really a songwriter, I just write songs!” Then a few years ago I finally reached a point where I was like, “wait… that’s the same thing!”

So now I’m playing bass more than guitar, not in Rosebug, but I’m learning it on the side, and I’m writing a lot of music and singing all the time!

Chris Nunez (CN): I’ve been playing for about half my life now. Our bassist, Tarra, and I started playing guitar when we were around 12 years old. As far as playing music in NYC goes, the last four years have just been trying to find a vocalist to round out this project and we were so lucky to have found Becca, because she was a missing element that we were searching for, for so long.

BC: Awwwwwwww.

CN: Yeah, we’ve worked with a lot of vocalists before and nobody ever truly clicked until we started collaborating.

BTR: How has it been since then?

CN: The last year has been good. We played a bunch of shows and we finished an album in a studio with some of our pals and heroes with their engineering, so we feel really lucky and fortunate. The bassist also plays in another band called Sharkmuffin, and me and the drummer both used to play in Sharkmuffin here in NYC. He also played with Mannequin Pussy and he’s put out records with both bands and has toured with both. So at this point everybody has a foot in another project and we’re lucky to have time to be able to do this as well.

I guess that’s a short condensed New York version of what we’ve done.

BTR: What are some of the other music projects you have or are currently working on?

BC: I got to sing back-ups on a track for the new Total Slacker album that just came out.

CN: It sounds amazing, good job on that. I just listened to the whole thing and I’m so proud of you guys! I can’t wait to see them live again.

BC: Thanks! I also sang on a track for my boyfriend’s album that’s hopefully also going to be coming out this year; under the name Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. He was our producer for Rosebug and mixed our album as well. He and I also have a project—we have a band that we’re doing. So lots of stuff!

CN: I also played in another hardcore band called Party Animal, and did a U.S. tour with them a while ago. Actually, playing music with Sharkmuffin and Party Animal helped me figure out that I wanted to play the music that I’m playing right now with Becca. A lot catchier and more upbeat, a little more traditional than some of the stuff we had been doing before. Everybody has had an influence—all the projects and bands and people I’ve collaborated with out here have had a big influence on our sound and network of friends.

BC: Our bassist, Tarra, who’s awesome, was telling me this story the other day about how she wrote her first song when she was around 12-years-old, and the lyrics are something hilarious like, “hey, hey, you, you, why don’t you do it like I want you to!” Kind of awesome—I wish I had her here on the phone so she could confirm that those were the lyrics. It was something in the vein of a 12-year-old, but also very salient and relatable as an adult.

CN: It’s funny that you mention that—she’s actually right now as we speak, doing a rock camp for little girls in the city for eight-year-olds and 12-year-olds. She has these two groups of children and they’re learning about songs and music and has all these really cute stories about how they’re little divas and so talented and awesome.

She also went to NYU, so she’s just a very devoted and talented individual.

BC: Yeah, she rocks!

BTR: What are you guys currently working on for Rosebug?

BC: We actually just finished recording our album a few months ago—we’re really really excited about it! It’s a nine track LP. Hopefully we’ll be getting it out in the next few months, but that’s really what we’re focusing on right now. Trying to find an avenue for releasing it.

I can just say that for myself, making the album was one of the most formative and cathartic and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had in my life. We love it and we’re really excited for everybody to hear it! So, that’s the number one thing. We’re also just playing shows all the time.

BTR: What are your live shows like?

BC: Uhhhh… Sweaty? [Laughs].

CN: We tend to play a lot more aggressively than it sounds on the record, it sounds phenomenal too, but there seems to be a little bit more energy when we’re doing it live. We’re with our friends in the audience and stuff, so you know!

BC: I’m not sure if it’s more energy or if it’s just louder. Shows are the best! It’s great to just be able to go out and let loose and have that be a release. I know that there are some musicians where playing live is not something that they love to do. A lot of artists are introverted and actually just want to make their art and have that stand alone, and not have to promote it or whatever. Personally, I’m a ham, I love being on stage! So that’s always always fun.

We have a few shows coming up! We have one this Friday—it’s a secret show on a rooftop in Bushwick, so we can’t tell you where it is.

CN: Yeah, let’s hope it doesn’t rain! We’re doing Alphaville on the 22nd. Maybe the 10th at Bowery Electric, but we still have to figure that one out.