Just brothers who appreciate each other & share a passion for music, surfing, & skating—Plus, listen to their newest EP.
From Soup to Tiny Explosions, we chat it all with Atlanta-based indie rockers Small Reactions.
He talks about being an introvert, the effects the pandemic has had on him as an artist, & the upcoming album 'Ideal Form.'
They just want to have fun and bring everyone else along for the adventure in their music.
"I don’t have a lot of fear of addressing whatever the hell I want," frontwoman Audrey Campbell says.
Their newest album takes you into a sci-fi world where a concert takes place and activism is key.
This jazz-educated, oldies-influenced, professional trumpet playing solo artist does way more than just play an instrument.
Her genre-bending sound and retro vibe is seeped in historical influences.
Just cause the world is pure chaos right now, doesn’t mean you can’t reach for the stars.
The duo discusses their freshly released debut EP & elaborate live performance.
‘You Won’t Be Here for Long’ is out May 29 and is exactly what you need right now.
Quarantine has given him time to explore new genres and to step out of his comfort zone.
She bares a raw & bursting heart that bleeds out every emotion for her listeners.
The beautifully colorful surf pop/ glitter rock band is trying to stay positive.
The Nashville by way of L.A. musician isn’t afraid to bare it all.
She's the self-proclaimed poster child for addictive personalities and her new song “Any Other Way” tells you about it.