Tune Up
Dangerous and exciting music that Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon calls “hot as fuck.”
The psych rockers bravely experiment with their sound and transcend genres.
I don’t wanna say it’s aliens, but … it’s experimental rockers’ “Aliens.”
They’re as colorful and entertaining as the children’s toy they’re named after.
The North Carolina-based garage punkers are excited to share music that’s about more than just “sad shit.”
Discover your own dark path to epicness with these hazy rock ‘n’ rollers newest album ‘Eat Your Shadow.’
The Puerto Rican/New Yorker activist rallies passions and opens hearts with her new music.
Inspired by an array of old school sounds, she’s smooth, sultry and cool.
The Ohio based indie rockers aren’t afraid of a good time and pumping out the jams.
Fresh off their debut music video for “Eh Eh Hem,” the NYC trio is ready to rumble.
The Australian band’s trippy new record will take you places you’ve never been.
Her music has a hint of twang that’s played fast and to-the-point with lyrics about realizing your crush sucks.
We chat with frontwoman Anna Lies and stream their debut album before its release.
The Nashville rockers chat music and Facebook glitches before their Manhattan show on Friday.
The solo artist Evan O’Malley imagines an alien world created by music for you to relax to.
The Floridian rock ‘n’ roll trio just released their debut single and want you to get unruly with them.
The Japanese/NYC band puts all the chaos of rock into their music—we chat about it after a few beers.
They take their art very seriously and describe it as if it were their dissertation.
The NYC indie rockers make upbeat catchy music, but they’re not afraid to face the hard stuff.
The U.K. indie rockers make their U.S. debut at this year’s SXSW festival in Texas.
The West Coast quartet can’t legally drink, but they sure know how to rock.
The Australian experimental post-punk duo releases their debut album this March.
They play true-blue rock ‘n’ roll for real folks. After five years their first full-length is in the making and comes out…
The song combines his love for art and philosophy with his conflicting feelings for social media.
She’s been busy working on her solo project, her indie band and just published a poetry book.
Even though they’re all over the world, they won’t stop rockin’.
They love to drink and they love to rock, meet the skate punks who won’t give up.
The upbeat indie rockers sing about tragedies but their music will get you up and dancing.