I interviewed over 100 bands this year and narrowing it down to just 10 was tough.
Though the Cosmic punks are English, they’re ready to rock out with New Jersey’s famous mythical creature.
With their newest album ‘Verb for Dreaming’ released they don’t have any limits to inspirations.
Touring the world, releasing their sophomore LP and a Deluxe Set—Bee Bee Sea are on fire.
The garage punk band is causing mayhem with non-stop party tunes.
With their newest album ‘Memory Foam’ out into the world didi is unafraid to wear their emotions on their sleeves.
The twang-influenced blues-rock band releases two new songs about a burning and yearning love.
The Brooklyn five-piece is debuting with a post-hardcore assault on punk rock.
The solo project from The Coax frontman focuses on musical experimentation and the life of a vampire.
The twangy rocker from Nashville gets bluesy and dark in his newest album ‘Bohemian Mechanics.’
His recent EP collaboration with Jay Som reveals a softer side to the blossoming singer-songwriter.
The 10-piece just keeps growing and throwing down the nastiest beats you’ll ever love.
The pop rock band has a feisty new music video for their debut single and it’ll get your butt moving.
They formed in the East Coast cold and moved to the West Coast sunshine—now they’re cranking out some killer new tunes.
Premiering emotional and gritty new track “Lose Sometimes"—Don Babylon's first single from their upcoming LP.
A catchy Sweden-based five-piece creating their own land and rules in the world of rock ‘n’ roll.
Though the song about smoke breaks is what put them on the map, they've been working hard on big and better things.
We chat with the musical brothers about the video’s Twin Peaks/Tarantino inspirations & their upcoming debut album.
“I've been enjoying it and I think people do too—love doesn't go out of style.”
The NYC band of falafel rockers bring glitter, punk rock and chaos to every show they play—did we mention glitter?
We chat with the artist about this newest song “A Song About Holding Hands” and his upcoming album.
We chat with experimental indie group ackerman about their newest song “Loverboy” and what's coming in the near future.
I met up with NY-based musician Matt Stevenson in Ridgewood, Queens to chat about his new project Jane Church.
Frontman Laith Scherer gets vulnerable and tells us about the abusive backstory to the powerful new song.
Pronounced 'Man-Who-Hey,' this brand new Brooklyn three-piece is the most fun and lively heavy metal band in NYC.
There's a nice ring to the brand new songs by this Nashville-based band—read what they have to say about it.
We chat with GRLwood—who are fighting heteronormativity in the heart of Kentucky and they're weapon of choice is catchy punk rock.
We chat with Canadian punker guitarist Philippe Charbonneau about this newest song and its insanely intense music video.
Or so they’re hoping—we chat with guitarist Matt Williams about Elon Musk, The Office and Interplanetary Falcon Rock.
We chat with drummer Danny Wagner about their new and old material, becoming rock stars overnight and social media trolls.
NYC metal band DAD chats about what meme their music is, hanging with Christopher Reeve and lots of other craziness.
Their mantra, “let’s burn this fucker down” is a perfect summation of their fuzzed out dark and heavy rock.
Teaming up with the likes of Weyes Blood & Ariel Pink, Raw Thrills tells us about his brand new track & GunkTV Records.
The Atlanta-based post-punk solo artist comes to Manhattan to throw his debut record release show at Kind Regards.
With his debut psych/indie EP 'Waves After Work' coming out next month, Nelson is experimenting with a whole new sound.
An intricate tune that's as emotional as a Resistance fighter saying goodbye to their love, dying in their arms.
After a prolonged legal battle, the blues-rock duo is ready to share their sound with the world.
An interview filled with British humor and sarcasm about some of the craziest music out in the world today.
These gritty New Yorkers whirl up a chaotic tornado of powerful punk & dirty garage rock that'll rattle your brain.
Indie rock inspired by folk and Americana that make you really think about this wild ride we call life.
The veteran Montreal musician plays every instrument under the sun and works with a million different bands—now he’s doing his own thing.
Even after a six-month breakup, the punk rock band has stayed strong.
‘Another Age,’ released on Captured Tracks Feb. 16, is a personal statement for the Widowspeak guitar player.
“I was thinking, 'am I the last Iranian to set foot in America?’”
In the meantime, they’ve released the catchy & relatable single “Leagues.”
The Brooklyn band take a break from melting faces to answer questions and share some laughs.