Henry Chadwick seems to be the beach boy of our era, with a Brooklyn flair, straight from the West Coast. Tune in for some good vibrations.
Roya makes you feel the feels you don’t ever talk about. They’re catchy with some gloomy undertones, old school punk, and catchy lyrics—sure to strike those heartstrings.
Meet these music masterminds, Mustardmind! They’re a little experimental, a little DIY, and a little grunge.
Robot videos and political messages create a two-piece experimental band Job Creators, preaching to think about today’s issues in a new light.
BTR undresses Kate Dressed Up with questions on feminism, politics, and the future of folk music.
From punk-rock star to the new wave of kindie, this power wife-husband duo gives kids great vibes that parents can enjoy too.
In “Spiceworld” they had Clifford, in “Almost Famous” they had Dennis, and in “This Is Spinal Tap” they had Ian Faith. What do all these movie characters have in common?
BTRtoday gets a one-on-one with La Femme frontman Marlon Magnée, to tap into all the dark secrets of the French band with a '60s flair and burlesque approach.
You better be voting on Tuesday—the fate of America is in our hands! So naturally we talk to Justin Sane from the heavily political band Anti-Flag about sticking it to the man.
On the essence of nature and nurture, moving to Nashville, and becoming a warrior of acceptance.
On the future of funk, mariachi-playing dinosaurs, and what it takes to manage a large band.
Meet Jonny Couch—he’s been in the punk scene for a while in multiple cities, but he’s finally releasing his solo album in November, which takes a more melodic punk/synth ‘80’s vibe. Check him out here!
Swoon to the lovesick true-blue rock'n’roller Justin Dean Thomas—a NYC-based musician strumming his guitar to the beat of your heart, while singing sweet nothings ever so sultry into your ears.
Rockabilly, blues, swing—whatever you want to call it, Bloodshot Bill gives you the tunes to slick your hair back to and swing your hips to like a real cool cat!
On lower mid-range, gear, giant hits, and love.
Navy Gangs is a mixture of the Omaha rock’n’roll scene with the hustle & bustle of NYC—these good friends bring melodic guitar riffs and hard hitting beats.
On discipline, flow, and laughing until she cried with Anthony Braxton.
On sea changes, relationships, peace within, and the rewards of working with Erik Blood on the awesome new album "Night Showers."
On synths, early Swans, fan expectations, and his upcoming sci-fi noise opera.
Rosebug is the newest quintessential Brooklyn-based band that is a must hear for you to know and love! One listen to their catchy and lovely tunes and you’re hooked for life.
On odd corners, spooky jams, gender balance, and elephants.
Meet Beat Club—the side project of Jeff Kite, keyboardist for Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. It’s noisy, it’s eerie, it’s fun, and it’s catchy AF—take a listen to the future!
Meet Dulls, the Philadelphia-based group inspired by your favorite ‘90’s grunge bands. They’ll hit you hard with nostalgia, all while simultaneously giving you music like nothing you’ve heard before!
Say hello to the New Zealander of your ‘80s synth dreams! The L.A.-based songwriter, Andrew Keoghan, is bringing back the smoke and mirrors of the ‘80s in the best way possible.
On 20th century music, unsteady bass, creating light and dark, and the exciting new album.
Meet Julie Rhodes, the blues singer taking Americana music to a place it desperately needs to go. BTRtoday speaks with her backstage between shots of tequila and live sets of rock and roll!
Admiral Grey is a New York-based singer, bassist, writer, actor, and dancer extraordinaire who appeared this spring in Normandy Sherwood's play Permanent Caterpillar.
We sit down with Fancy Colors, a band truly for the sake of art. Comprised of Zac Cowell and Dave Heilman, these guys are veterans of the music scene--having worked with artists like Regina Spektor and Of Montreal!
On New York, babies, visual art, and pyramids made with Legos.
Meet the one-of-a-kind band able to hit everybody somewhere deep down—no matter what genre of music they’re into. They’re called Bad Orb, and they’ll rock your world.
On space, sonic architecture, big reveals, and snakes coming out of ducks.
BTRtoday talks with the creator of New Jersey's “Bernie Man Festival,” a weekend event aimed at culling together a variety of musical performances, arts, and cultural events to promote presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
On writing songs about oppression in taxis and why inspiration is a fickle bitch.
On the spirit of creation and singing beauty through the darkness of loss.
On touring with The Counting Crows and a May residency in New York City!
On the small victories of perseverance and making music for yourself.
On dealing with the bullshit of the music industry and coming out on top, with a positive message.
BTRtoday ventures into Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to interview Rough Trade’s store manager, George Flanagan. Find out about the record store’s history, future, and plans for Record Store Day!
Roger Poulin of the Burnt Seeds talks songwriting in abandoned factories and intergalactic nebula surfing through rock and roll.
BTRtoday sits down with Donal and Fergus, band mates of Ded Rabbit—the UK based band consisting of three brothers equipped with English accents and rockin’ guitars.
On splicing old tapes and removing sound frequencies one by one.
On how the theme of color emerged on their latest album in an unexpected way, and the evolution from acoustic to electronic.
On cocaine-fueled adventures in Miami and songwriting in the beautiful isolation of Upstate New York.
This week we catch up with JP, frontman for the Brooklyn-based band herMajesty, to talk about using the mind, body, and music as a canvas.
On learning to play the drums from a cop and the primordial nature of songwriting.
BTRtoday catches up with New York based band 'Nuf Said to chat about the evolution of their new album, "Rise," and fanning each other with cardboard.
On the art of songwriting through heartbreak and making it big on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
BTR catches up with experimental bitpop project Love Spread to chat about using video game controllers to make music.
On the importance of bass, the Long Island hardcore scene, and writing songs while driving.
BTR sits down with Jamie Frey, formerly of The Brooklyn What, to chat about his new project No Ice and their upcoming album.
BTR chats with Hypercolor on the art of spontaneous experimentation, years of collaboration, and the benefits of a serene studio environment.
BTR sat down with Brooklyn-based musician Lawrence Scaduto, creator of Shopping and Fourth Grade Gladiator, and also an amazing guitar pedal maker.