BTR catches up with two members of 'Nuf Said, a five-piece, world-touring funk and jazz band based in New York City.
BTR chats with New York-based rocker Anna Rose about her rock roots, constantly evaluating your surroundings, and her forthcoming release.
BTR catches up with singer-songwriter Alec Chambers to chat about what learning piano on YouTube was like!
On the nostalgia of doo-wop and technology’s ability to capture the past.
BTR catches up with the pop-rock band East Love to chat about their creative process and their future plans.
BTR chats with Emma Witmer about her teen angst-inspired debut and the beauty hidden in junk shops.
BTR chats with Brooklyn-based band Animal Years about recording in a cabin in the woods and where they got their very unusual and awesome name!
Listening to Worthless, the effervescent brainchild of Curtis Godino, is a bit like watching one of the madcap’s liquid light shows. Warped reflections of instrumentation echo and burble to the surface; harmonies stretch like endless taffy into the land of ebb and flow.
Zen Anton is a songwriter who cuts straight to the marrow. His music carries an honesty that shrugs in the face of vulnerability, bearing all for the listener--who might struggle to disentangle the bones from guitar strings. It’s clear that this form of storytelling is a part of him, and that there is nothing else he would rather choose.
New York City has started to wind down after another successful CMJ Music Marathon, but the buzz around certain bands continues to linger. One band in particular caught the attention of us here at BTR, an alternative foursome originally from West Palm who have found their way into the Brooklyn scene called Hypoluxo.
Illa J, the brother of late hip-hop artist J Dilla, has released his long-awaited, self-titled sophomore album, produced by the Canadian production duo Potatohead People (made up of Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical)--and it is exceptional.
Over the years, many members of Animal Flag have come and gone, but the current lineup brings serious talent to the project: lead singer and guitarist Matt Politoski, guitarist Sai Boddupalli, bassist Zach Weeks, and drummer Alex Pickert. BTR chatted up Politoski about the evolution of Animal Flag and the thriving music community in Boston.
He’s tall and wily. He flails across stages with a manic glint in his eyes; he plays chess and not checkers. His songs are explosive, short, and sweet, like a hand-grenade appetizer. Juan Zaballa (better known by his stage name Tall Juan) is an eccentric artist.
After writing music together for the last three years, The Winter Passing has great reason to celebrate. The Irish five-piece released their debut LP, 'A Different Space of Mind,' just last week. BTR checks in with The Winter Passing and gets the rundown on their LP.
Interested in space exploration? Ruckzuck might be the band for you. The psychedelic trio hailing from Long Island, NY, has the power to transport you to alternative dimensions. Ruckzuck consists of lead singer Faith Kelly (who also plays the keys, ukulele, and kazoo), Nick Bedo (guitar), and his brother Matt (drums).
There’s a prismatic depth to the sounds of Modern Merchant, the Brooklyn-based indie-rock band who just dropped their second EP, 'Values,' on Aug 29. With it, John Parson, Sydney Weiss, and Jesse Stanford deliver a record that revels in complexity rather than shying away from it; each of the four tracks showcase its own unique compositional maturity.
Abdu Ali left his community in Baltimore to seek inspiration in Brooklyn, NY. What he discovered, however, was far from what he was searching for. After returning to his roots, Ali reflects on the destructive environment that he left behind and shares with BTR some insights into what he learned along the way.
Whitewash consists of lead singer and guitarist Sam Thornton, bassist Jonathan Ben-Menachem, rhythm guitarist Aram Demirdjian, and drummer Evan Glazman. We chatted with the band about sexual innuendoes, grandmothers, and the release of their debut album 'Shibboleth', out now via Tree Machine Records.
Mexican Slang, the punk-ish, psychedelic power trio from Toronto, Ontario, dropped their EP 'Inside the Velvet Castle' in July. BTR chats with band member Annabelle Lee of Mexican Slang about the evolution on her sound and the band’s super strange album art.
Try to imagine an apathetic Buddy Holly who just moved to Brooklyn from the countryside, loves to get drunk, and sing pop numbers with a loose gang of garage twangers. If you can imagine that, you might have something close to Flower Girl.
At the heart of DIY, queer punk duo PWR BTTM's spirited sets are quick and catchy songs that touch on a range of topics. From foods loaded with carbohydrates, to more serious topics like love and gender, PWR BTTM covers all the bases. BTR chats with PWR BTTM about the writing process for their upcoming full-length.
Pinegrove's current line-up consists of lead singer and guitarist Hall, Nick Levine also on guitar, his brother Zack Levine on drums, Adan Feliciano on bass, and Nandi Plunkett on keys. BTR recently spoke with Pinegrove's frontman about the band's beginnings and where they are headed next.
BTR catches up with Brooklyn-based label Miscreant Records founder Jeannette Wall to chat about what it means to unapologetically be yourself. Free-spiritedness is Miscreant’s most pervasive characteristic: a bright streak that runs boldly through their zine, shows, and bands.
If you haven't heard the band Heat yet, get ready for some ultra-wavy, head-bobbing pop-perfection. BTR spoke with frontman Susil Sharma about how the band formed, their songwriting process, and playing a Madonna cover.
The members of Scout Boys may spend as much time trying to convince you that aliens exist as they do playing music. Sometimes, they manage to do both simultaneously. BTR chats with members of the Long Island-based band about their debut LP.
BTR catches up with Utica, New York based garage pop band Comfy for a lesson in fighting writer’s block. Comfy’s founder, lead singer, and guitarist Connor Benincasa talks about their upcoming EP 'Good Luck' and the band's ever-changing line-up.
Composer Gizem Gokoglu's output is immeasurably diverse, including soundtracks to short films, re-scores of cinema classics, and original compositions for jazz orchestras. She talks to BTR about writing film scores and making music from afar.
You won’t believe the raw power of the garage rock band Winstons. BTR catches up with Lou Nutting and Ben Brock Wilkes who make up the garage soul duo shredding up New York City.
Never mind the Lords of Dogtown--here’s a different platoon of riders from the concrete vistas that you should know about. Over Lord, Theory Lord, and Splice Lord talk hand-me-down accordions and the connection between skateboarding and music.
BTR chats with Peter Kegler from California surf rock group, Babewatch. Kegler talks about how these guys are not very serious, and reveals how they got their band's name.
Andrew Vladeck, principal songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for the band Fireships, is currently on tour to promote the group's new self-titled release. Vladeck talks about being a singing park ranger and getting by with a little help from your friends.
If ever there was an artist capable of convincing you to “Remember The Highs”, it’s UK singer-songwriter Lucy Hill. BTR caught up Hill, who performs under the moniker Little Lapin, to chat about what has changed for her since her last Tune Up feature a year ago.
BTR sits down with two members of the Minnesota-based quartet Sick of Sarah. Jesse Farmer and Jessica Forsythe discuss new material, leaving their old label, and being the first band to release an album with BitTorrent.
BTR sits down with the two founding members of Austin-based rock group Sweet Spirit. Andrew Cashen and Sabrina Ellis chat about their upcoming album, the evolution of rock and roll, and soundproof writing boxes.
Take two blokes from successful indie Brit bands and throw them together to paint their masterpiece, or rather, their ultimate painting. Jack Cooper and James Hoare, leading members of Veronica Falls and Mazes, discuss their newest collaboration.
Brooklyn-based producer Richie Quake’s new aptly named single, “Slow Down”, is the type of track you put on when you’re deflating from a rager in the wee hours of the morning or basement chillin’ with some whiskey after a long day. BTR sits down with Richie Quake to expand on the definition of "dark pop" and annoy him to release an EP.
New Jersey-based songwriter Rylan Stowe talks to BTR about changing band lineups, 2015 plans, and his songwriting process. Stowe also offers some insight into the inspiration for songs off his most recent EP.
BTR sits down with indie-rockers Hippo Campus, of Minneapolis, MN. Comprised of Jake Luppen, Zach Sutton, Nathan Stocker, and Whistler Allen, the band has made a splash in less than two years. Luppen and Sutton talk about origin stories and their songwriting process on 'Bashful Creatures'.
Stevie Pohlman from Portland-based rock band Mope Grooves sits down with BTR to talk about abandoned high schools, best-friend yetis, and making mix-tapes for 13-year-olds. Mope Grooves recently finished a US tour and is planning to reissue their last release, 'Weird Girls'.
The London-based producer is bringing new grace to EDM tropes.
On naked garbage bag jams and serious humor.
BTR chats with James Krivchenia of the nine-piece, Brooklyn-based indie-pop band Happy You.
On the similarities between insects and romantic courtship while throwing snowballs through hell.
BTR chats with rising star Brika about the inspiration behind 'Voice Memos.'
Goth-trap, department stores, Greek mythology, and Christina Aguilera?
A can’t miss interview with the bluesman who is blowing up.
A sixteen year-old who makes dope jazz beats, writes love letters to fans, and eats limes with the skin still on.
The electronica duo Gosh Pith tells BTR what it’s like to live with a Zen Master.
Being a boss of bossa nova while bringing the noise.
BTR catches up with the pop-rock duo to chat about pool busts.
The all-girl band from Spain trade feelings to sing, riff on ex-boyfriends, and love Bill Murray.
BTR catches up with the experimental pop duo Soft Touch that makes killer dance music.