Interests Other Than Pinterest - Knock Off Week


Written by Meredith Schneider

For a while the internet centered purely around social media: Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Now, crafting websites are cropping up all over the internet, most notably Pinterest, whose main draw is the aesthetically pleasing layout and “pop-up” nature of its display. People who were never into crafting before have found knock-offs of their favorite items from stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters to emulate on a budget, as well as ways of achieving the style and home perfection they had always dreamed of. Looking for an infinity scarf? Make one! Want some cool wall art? There’s a pin for that! And any crafter knows that you have to shell out crazy money for mod podge, so why not make it yourself?

Like Facebook before it, Pinterest has racked up a good number of copycat websites aiming at similar demographics of users. Here is a list of seven of the more interesting knock offs. Sign-up at your own risk:

Apparently being able to pin videos into a specific board wasn’t enough for viewers., with catchy tagline “We jammin’,” recently popped up in the webisphere. Basically, it’s like if Pinterest and YouTube had a baby. The apple didn’t fall far from either tree, and some people are left wondering what the benefit of Chill actually is. In other news, it has the same layout as Pinterest.

Discover claims it is a hub for designers everywhere. After this article, it will be (if it isn’t already). The layout is very Tumblr, and the site allows you to “build your own curated library of design patterns and share them with others.” Inspiration at its finest.

It is no secret that the average users of Pinterest are women. There are men who use it, but it caters toward people with interests in crafts, cooking, and aesthetics. So, for those who miss brute strength and manliness in their web searching, look no further than Manteresting. These things are interesting… but just for men.

Like Pinterest, you must request an invite. But this site is just like any Pinterest style board. Just less eye-popping. Check it out if you’re into fashion!

Sworly is catered toward music fans. Reminiscent of if Pinterest and Spotify had an attractive child, its tagline is: “Over 20 million songs to discover, listen and share!” Its one coveted perk is that users do not have to stumble around YouTube to find the exact versions of the songs they want to listen to. And it has a queue. Hooray!

Not sure this one could be any more generic. “Create lists, add the Thinngs you love and post directly to Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter instantly!” So, it is Pinterest. With a misspelled name. At least it’s a little more off the beaten path.

Just do not use this. It is the exact same thing as Pinterest, except the color scheme is different. There are fewer ideas, fewer users, and it’s just a flat out knock off.

Oh, and if you can’t find the most popular things on Pinterest by just scrolling through, there’s a site for that too. Does it get any more basic than that?