Tree Swingers - "School of Seven Bells’ Put Your Sad Down EP"


If I get an aggressive dog, I’ll name him Sad. (Photo courtesy of

School of Seven Bells should be taking a break. Didn’t they already release a great album in 2012? Yeah, they did. Apparently it wasn’t enough. The NYC duo will release Put Your Sad Down on November 13th. EPs are a great way to get music out quickly when a few songs sit well together, but SVIIB’s EP is something very different. Put Your Sad Down flaunts how Alejandra Deheza’s mysterious vocals can turn any arrangement of drum machines and synths into something genuinely intriguing.

Five songs might seem like limited space to make an argument for their versatility, but the opening 12 minute title track is a good indication of how intentionally School of Seven Bells composed this EP. Faded Hearts is the most fun track of the bunch, and overcomes trite lyrics with a catchy chorus. Secret Days, also included below, is a more predictable song that features the band’s obsession with that weird key signature and those exotic harmonies that leave you wondering if Deheza learned how to sing from some forgotten remote culture, or if there is indeed no one in the world who could come close to mimicking her style. Either way, it is once again this unique vocal style that makes Put Your Sad Down a notable release.

School of Seven Bells – Faded Hearts (download)

School of Seven Bells – Secret Days (download)

Courtesy of Tree Swingers.