Travels of Adam - "Street Art in Antwerp"


Antwerp is a shopping city. It’s streets are full of brand-names, designer shops and boutiques. But just because the city has a penchant for pedestrians in high heels and well-tailored suits doesn’t mean the city lacks a bit of edge.

While wandering the cobble-stoned streets of Antwerpen, I stumbled into a small fashion photo-shoot on Kopstraatje—a tiny side street in central Antwerp. While I’m sure the photographer was more interested in the model’s clothing, my eyes were on the walls.

The small alleyway was covered floor-to-ceiling with painted works, stencils and paste-ups. Certainly Antwerp’s most colorful street, Kopstraatje leads right out onto a plaza and yet another shopping street. It was a welcome break from the perfectly manicured shop windows.

Here’s a sample of the street art on this surprising street.

Street Art in Antwerp

And one other piece of Belgium street art I spotted in Antwerp…though not on Kopstrattje:

Where to look for street art in Antwerp

Kopstraatje is a small alley in central Antwerp, though you’ll certainly discover other murals and street arts while walking through other neighborhoods. The city wasn’t lacking in street art.

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