Travel Wonders of the World - "Half Timbered Elegance (Alpirsbach, Germany)"

Alpirsbach Half Timbered HousesThe Black Forest has a number of small villages with superb half-timbered houses.
Alpirsbach 1889A pencil drawing (von Cades, 1889) of the same building. Not much has changed…

The villages and towns of Germany’s Black Forest feature many half-timbered buildings (or fachwerkhäuser in German) including this beauty in Alpirsbach.

With only 6500 people, Alpirsbach includes a 900-year old historic monastery/church and a superb brewery. The brewery is well worth visiting with an excellent museum detailing the history intimately attached to the monastery. In medieval times, it was safer to drink beer than water, water often harbouring illnesses while the purified alcoholic drink did not. The entrance shows a tubby monk swilling the prized amber nectar so the monastery clearly had a number of healthy inhabitants!!

Courtesy of Travel Wonders of the World.

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