Transparent - Time Up


Our boy down south Deptford Goth returns briefly ahead of his debut EP for Merok (slated for later this year) in order to drop about a million ideas on the chirpy, cut and paste electro-pop of “The End Of Time” by Computer Magic. Proving himself almost as good and intriguing a remixer as he is a songwriter, here the Goth pitch-twists the pretty but straight-up vocals of the original until they’re sinister in their pixie-like innocence before dipping them deep in a dream — glacial synth strobes, mysterious low-end rumble, bracing thunderclap drum snaps and some lost harp twills coming together with an unlikely and ultimately very beautiful seemlessness.

Computer Magic – The End Of Time [Deptford Goth Remix]

“The End Of Time” by Computer Magic is out now on Roundtable.
Look for Deptford Goth’s debut EP on Merok soon.

(Altered Zones co-premiere)

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