TP028: Disclosure


Overcome with excitement to be able to finally pull back the rest of the curtain and shine a light on more of our forthcoming 7” single from London’s Disclosure. We revealed lead track “Carnival” in all it’s melodramatic garage glory a few weeks back to much fanfare and subsequently squeezed it for even more fulfilment courtesy of a brilliant edit by Little Black Ant. Ahead of the vinyl dropping onto welcome mats and hitting store shelves next Monday check out the record’s soulful pitch-shifting, underwater electro rhythm from flipside cut “I Love… That You Know”:

“Carnival” b/w “I Love… That You Know” is released physically on June 13th – available to order in the UK through Pure Groove or Rough Trade and in the US through Plastic in Paper.

Disclosure – Carnival

Disclosure – I Love… That You Know

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