Tweet Feats - Poll Week


It’s been a record-setting year in U.S political history. Well, at least in history according to Twitter (Twistory?).

When the social media highlights of the 2012 Republican National Convention emerged, the GOP logged “more than 4 million tweets with a peak of 14,743 tweets per minute,” according to Mashable.

The GOP dubbed the convention “The Convention Without Walls,” making YouTube the focal point of their social media engagement strategy. By the end of the convention, the RNC’s YouTube footage garnered more than 2.5 million views.

Pretty impressive numbers, but would President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Convention be outdone by the Republican’s dedicated digital team?

Well, according to Mashable, the Democratic National Convention inspired more than 9 million tweets, peaking at 52,757 tweets per minute – a new record for politics and Twitter.

But even these numbers seem like paltry sums in the wake of the most-tweeted event in U.S political history – last Wednesday night’s presidential debate. Over an hour and a half, the debate generated 10.3 million tweets, capping off at as many as 158,690 tweets per minute.

Twitter has become more than a forum for political discussion. A candidate’s proficiency at social media has become a talking point in itself.

Barack Obama earned a reputation for social media savviness due to his mastery of social media in the 2008 election. Though Mitt Romney, often perceived as out of touch, might not have as much clout when it comes to social media campaigning, his social media strategy appears equally aggressive.

In fact, Romney’s digital director, Zac Moffatt, told Mashable that “Obama’s campaign is still running their Facebook campaign like it’s 2008” and that he believes Republicans have “an online edge” over Democrats.

Fighting words aside, BTR was curious to see how the major players of this election, including the third party candidates, actually stack up on Twitter. With the help of, we bring you a Twitter Showdown.

En garde!

And for the leading third party candidates: