BTR’s Holiday Bucket List

By the Editorial Staff

Photo courtesy of CarSpotter.

No matter which holiday you’re celebrating, everyone spends the season a little differently. Some people can’t get enough time with their families while others prefer to be a total Scrooge (before his life-altering visit from three ghosts, of course). Some thrive on buying presents for their loved ones while others prefer to be a Grinch.

Whether you love the holidays or can’t wait until they’re over and done with, we’ve thought of some ways to make the season a bit more enjoyable. Here are 65 activities, goals, and tips that will help get you through this time of year.

1. Knit a sweater for your pet cat.

2. Sip on some coconut milk eggnog (spiking it with whiskey or rum is highly recommended).

3. Sing karaoke with your grandparents.

4. Don’t go to Santa Con.

5. Throw out the fruitcake instead of re-gifting it.

6. Finally learn the difference between mistletoe and holly.

7. Take a plunge in the ocean.

8. Watch Home Alone while you’re home alone, then yell, “I’m watching junk and eating rubbish, better come out and stop me!”

9. If you’re in NYC, avoid the tourists in Times Square, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Rockefeller Center (or pretend to be a tourist and take plenty of pictures).

10. Play charades with your family and forget to care if you look silly.

11. Donate your old clothes instead of burying them in your closet.

12. Rock out to Scandinavian death metal and let out primordial screams to combat the frigid weather.

13. Watch the Rankin/Bass claymation holiday specials from the ‘70s like The Year Without a Santa Claus (and sing along to all the songs).

14. Repeatedly yell “yippee ki-yay” while you strut around the office pretending to be John McClane (Bruce Willis) from Die Hard.

15. Hike up the electricity bill while you bask in the neon luminescence of excessive Christmas lights.

Photo courtesy of terren in Virginia.

16. Eat for 12 hours straight.

17. Sleep for 12 hours straight.

18. Have a movie marathon with friends. Watch every rendition of A Christmas Carol including the Bill Murray one, the Christina Milian one, the Muppet one, and the musical one. Debate who’s the best Scrooge.

19. Watch the Christmas episode of your favorite show (like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

20. Dress up as Santa for the Knicks Christmas Day game at MSG.

21. Watch the Knicks lose said Christmas Day game.

22. Make potato latkes.

23. Watch A Christmas Story for 24 hours straight–or avoid TBS for 24 hours straight.

24. Compete in a wing eating challenge.

25. Make a batch of your favorite holiday cookie and successfully eat them all by yourself.

26. Stuff coal in your sibling’s stockings on Christmas Day and watch them be thoroughly disappointed.

27. Video tape this holiday’s festivities and make an epic home video for future generations to watch.

28. Watch The Holiday.

29. Hope for snow and then complain when it actually starts snowing.

30.  Attempt to hint to your family and friends what presents you really want for the holidays.

31. Avoid holiday music at all costs by bringing your music player with you everywhere you go.

32.  Go ice-skating somewhere other than Rockefeller Center to avoid the tourists.

Photo courtesy of Todd Carpenter.

33.  Beat Kingdom Hearts 2.5.

34. Attend an ugly sweater party wearing an uglier sweater than last year.

35. If you’re in California, put an ornament on your palm tree.

36. If you’re in Arizona, put an ornament on your cactus.

37. Make a crown or tiara out of Christmas lights.

38. Turn on last year’s Lil Bub Yule Log video in the background for ambiance.

39. Yell “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!” at everyone you see.

40. If your town gets hit with snow, throw a party and use the snow to keep your beers cold.

41. Buy hand warmers and feel invincible when you’re out walking in the cold.

42. Drink beer in your shower.

43. Eat a burger in your shower.

44. Talk on the phone in your shower.

45. Attempt to do everything in your shower.

46. Drink a hot toddy.

Photo courtesy of Jayneandd.

47. Brew some mulled wine.

48. Go see Inherent Vice and give yourself props for finally tackling Pynchon.

49. Put down Skyrim. Just put it down. It’s over, man, it’s over.

50. Go do zero-gravity yoga.

51. Watch every “Honest Trailer” ever produced.

52. Drink champagne for breakfast.

53. Take a drive and cut down your own Christmas tree.

54. Make your own butter by putting cream into Tupperware and shaking it vigorously for two hours straight.

55. Enjoy what is hands down the best rendition of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” ever.

56. Make a snow angel and see if your wingspan grew since last year.

57. Make a secret santa group with your friends on Elfster and see if you can keep the secret.

58. Donate to a toy drive and remember that even the little things can make kids happy.

59. Spend time baking a holiday dessert instead of buying it at the store. You can do this! We believe in you.

Photo courtesy of Mike Schmid.

60. Hang jingle bells on your door, and if people complain you can say, “Sorry, Mr. Scrooge.”

61. Spend an entire day speaking only in quotes from the movie Elf.

62. Find a nice picture of you and your family, frame it, and give it to your parents as a gift.

63. Tip a few extra dollars to your servers, bartenders, and delivery drivers.

64. See how many different varieties of candy canes you can consume before the New Year.

65. When you encounter crazy or annoying people throughout your day, just smile at them. ‘Tis the season to smile.