The Best NYE Concerts to Catch

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We know you’re lazy and haven’t made plans yet for the big night, so we took the time to go through the trouble for you. Here’s a list of the best concerts to catch and send you on rockin’ into the New Year.

It is not uncommon to have the music heavyweights of the world descend on Vegas on NYE to serve up a big, splashy extravaganza. Just look at some of the names on the roster for this year: Bruno Mars, Elton John, yes, the Elton John, etc. But the best one is the living legend himself–Sting. What makes this concert spectacular is a) it’s Sting b) he’s so above Vegas. But Elton and Bruno are doing Vegas, so how can Sting be above it, you say? Well, Elton is synonymous with Vegas, he does it amazingly and effortlessly delivers the pomp and circumstance required for a Vegas crowd–a crowd that is mostly drunk and obnoxious. And Bruno, he funked out the super bowl, so this is only second nature to him. Sting is in a class of his own–he doesn’t deliver the type of over the top fireworks you’d expect, in my opinion, and Vegas is simply too corny. So don’t miss it! He may never return. – Ubah Bulale


Every NYE Slim Cessna’s Auto Club plays somewhere in Denver, CO and I only know this because the father of the square I dated in high school is Slim. Well, he used to rave about this show, and I have to admit, it does look amazing–I always get FOMO when I see pics from it. This year it looks like it’s going to be even more epic as a two-day event with the amazing Kid Congo Powers, who has played in some of my favorite bands like The Gun Club, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and The Cramps. If you’re in Denver for NYE I highly suggest getting tickets for this show ASAP! It’s sure to be a fucking amazing time. – Elena Childers


If you’re in Portland (the more hipster one, not the quiet-yet-precious one in Maine), you should get your sweaty ass over to Mississippi Studios for the Jump Jack New Year’s Eve dance party. Jump Jack is Portland’s newest and hottest queer dance party, hosted by Natasha Kmeto and Chanti Darling. Their cuts are deeper than deep and their moves will keep you grinding until the wee hours. – Taia Handlin


If you’re in Las Vegas this NYE, you’d be remiss not to catch the legendary Elton John at Caesars Palace. The show promises to be one full of energy, love, and probably some surprises! I know if you’re in Vegas it’d be tempting to spend the evening gambling and drinking to your hearts delight, but Vegas will always be there, Elton John, on the other hand, is 69 years old and he won’t be playing concerts forever! – Rebecca Chodorkoff 


Everyone at the office will probably give me shit for doing the predictable thing, but I’m going to tell you to pony up the dough and mosey on over to Madison Square Garden to watch Phish rein in the New Year. If aliens were to visit Earth and could only make one stop during the faithful night, I’ve got my money on the boys from Vermont. Every year the mecca of east coast stadium fanfare clears their batshit crazy schedule to let the foursome funk up one of the best parties around. Period. Last time I went the cap nearly blew off the fucking joint. You’d be hard pressed to find this kind of energy anywhere else (except maybe a Rangers game). – Zach Schepis


If you head down to South Florida (Sunrise, to be exact) Billy Joel will be ringing in the new year at the BB&T Center. Aside from being a wonderful live performer (still), this gives fans the chance to see the metaphor of the song “Miami 2017” played out to full effect, which I’m fairly certain is the at the absolute center of my parents’ dreams (even if Sunrise is a 40 minute schlep from South Beach). – Joe Virgillito


In Arizona, the two night event Decadence aims to be the biggest end of the year celebration in the country. The event promises to combine elegance and sophistication for attendees. Headliners will please avid edm followers with performances from: The Chainsmokers, Deadmau5, Disclosure, Porter Robinson (DJ Set), DJ Snake, Zedd, Jauz, Marshmello, 4B, Arty, Corporate Slackrs, Green Velvet, The Him, Justin Jay, Kennedy Jones, Malaa, Ookay, Pusher, Sam Feldt, Shiba San, Slander, Slushii, Tritonal, Vanic, Yookie, Zomboy. – Cassidy Colarik