Dashing While Dining

Some people are excellent ballroom dancers; others are gifted entrepreneurs. Some are remarkable writers or musicians, several are savvy politicians, while a few are Olympic athletes.

We here at BTR have our talents too, and eating is perhaps our greatest. We explore culinary trends with a salivating smile and ready fork, unceasing in our efforts to bring you the best recipes and reviews. We boldly go to vegan trade shows. We perfect the technique of cooking an egg. We elevate the consumption of burritos to an art.

However, we admit that there exist in the world a few digestible delights we are unable to partake in, though not for lack of trying. Our sensitive stomachs, geography, or finances occasionally prohibit us from (say) consuming the deadly fugu, drinking snake wine, or munching deep-fried spiders–though we still enjoy researching such gastronomical interests.

It was through this research that we discovered this profound truth: food does not have to be stationary to be enjoyed (write that down). In fact, the coolest dinners rarely remain in one spot.

Here are BTR’s top five most awesomely mobile meals.

Dinner in the Sky

Founded six years ago in Belgium, Dinner in the Sky is a gourmet dining experience for adventurous gourmands and up to 21 of their guests, served around a table that is suspended high, high in the air from a crane. Everyone is strapped into their seats and hoisted up, enjoying the food plus one hell of a view.

The location and menu are fully customizable and can include everything from sushi to cocktail hour to o’dourves. So long as you and all of your guests meet the height requirement of 4’9” and your chosen location can support a crazy tall crane, the sky’s the limit (ha!).

Just in case you’re curious, it’s easy to go to the bathroom during the eight-hour event. The hosts/engineers simply lower everyone back down, wait for you to go, and then raise everyone back up! Apparently the whole process takes less than a minute, though how long you spend in the bathroom will likely depend on how spicy your meal is…

Photo courtesy of Ed Ralph.

Dinner on a Gondola

This one is perfect for you and that special someone (or your cat, we won’t judge). With Gondola Amore you can take a tour of Redondo Beach, LA, at sunset in a traditional gondola that’s decked out in Christmas lights and candles. The package is complete with a table for two featuring appetizers, dinner, and wine, plus red velvet seats trimmed in enough roses to make Cupid blush. Adorable or nauseating, you be the judge.

Dinner Under the Sea

Okay, so you’re not exactly mobile for this one, but the fish are! Located in the pristine, turquoise waters off the Maldives, the all-glass Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Hotel, by Rangali Island, is entirely submerged beneath the water.

Tropical fish swim above parties of up to 14 as they enjoy a five-star, six-course meal that includes fresh lobster and caviar. With sunlight dancing across the waves overhead, it’s no surprise that Ithaa has been called “the most beautiful restaurant in the world.” For just $320 (plus the travel cost of, well, getting to the Maldives in the first place) the dinner can be yours!

You can also book the room for weddings or “sleepovers,” whatever that means.

Photo courtesy of Elena Gurzhiy.

Singapore Observation Wheel

A little less exposed than Dinner in the Sky, this dining experience at the Singapore Flyer features a swanky butler-catered dinner for customers enclosed in a capsule affixed to the world’s’ second largest observation wheel. The four courses are served throughout two complete rotations, affording views 540 feet above the Singapore Skyline. At only $269 per person this is (almost) a steal!

Napa Valley Wine Train

It’s the “party bus’” older, more refined cousin! The Napa Valley Wine Train is the perfect way to get hammered on wine from one of the world’s best vineyard regions while also seeing the countryside and not having to worry about driving drunk.

The train glides from Napa to St. Helena while passengers enjoy gourmet bites and sip all of the Cabernet Sauvignon imaginable. The dining cars are restored 20th-century Pullman or Visa Dome cars, designed to look all plush and vintage, and if you’re in the mood for exploration (and can stand upright for an hour or so) you can book vineyard tours at designated train stops. The best part is, at not even $150 per person, this is the cheapest mobile dining experience we’ve found!

Featured photo courtesy of Karlis Dambrans.