Taking a Walk With People From The Stars

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Not everyone you see passing on the street is who they appear to be.

Your best friend, your sibling, your parent, even the person you see in the mirror everyday may not be the person you once thought they were. It could be that, perhaps, they’re actually from another realm!

That’s right. We’re saying there are, for lack of a better word, aliens that walk this earth—or at least people who claim not to be from this place or time.

There are thousands of people out there who declare to be part alien, born in another galaxy, or have walked a millions lives before. BTRtoday investigates these claims—we speak with the co-founder of Starseed Alliance International (SAI), Randall Standswithbear, and Harvard professor Dr. Richard McNally to investigate these supposed other-worldly beings.

Standswithbear started SAI with fellow starseed partner Lightstar, to bring together all the starseeds of the world. What is a starseed you might ask? On their website they define these beings as “individuals that originate from far-distant stars and solar systems, planets, and galaxies.”

Standswithbear tells BTRtoday that starseeds are brilliant children who are able to connect with the universe in ways others cannot.

“Many volunteers from many different worlds choose to come here to earth,” he explains in reference to how a starseed child is born. “Some have come here in the guides of other lifetimes, reincarnation, and things like that, and others are time lords–beings that jump into the forms and bodies of other people for a short period of time to right the wrongs.”

He explains that some may become a starseed child while still in the womb, while others experience “walk-ins.” Standswithbear describes a walk-in as one conscious soul deciding they are done with this realm, so they find another soul to make a deal where the new soul takes over his or her walk of life.

“They know they have a job to do, so they make an agreement with another soul traveler, one that is ready to take over for them, so that the job gets done,” he clarifies.

He says you can detect a walk-in when a person all of sudden abruptly loses a strong trait they used to posses. For example, a smoker who all of a sudden stops enjoying the act of smoking—that could be because they are a completely different person now, due to the walk-in, but do not know it.

Standswithbear and Lightstar team up together to conduct sessions to help people get in touch with their inner selves to find out if they are a starseed. Back in 2013, they brought people from all walks of life together to hold a conference about the starseed alliance.

Standswithbear tells BTRtoday that he first knew he was different when he was a toddler. “I never fit in with my family, ever. It wasn’t just that my mom had four different husbands, so all my siblings are all different dads, but even more so I just did not gel well with my family,” he admits. “Since I was around three [years old] I think, I’ve been taken aboard their vessels and stuff like that, but I never talked about it, my family would never understand.”

He states that he had no support system growing up and that made his life difficult to tread. “I had to come back from all that, which is not easy,” he explains. “I’ve had so many times where I should’ve died, many attempts on my life, but I’ve been miraculously spared by angelic situations.” He adds that he is not alone in experiencing these sorts of situations and that many starseeds go through the same thing. “We’ve lived too many lifetimes for something to come and destroy all that.”

The SAI focuses on spirituality and connecting with one’s self. Standswithbear shines light on the fact that being a starseed has nothing to do with religion, though it does mention an ultimate creator.

“Religion is manly, not God made—Buddha didn’t walk around going, ‘I’m a Buddhist,’ Jesus didn’t walk around going, ‘I’m a Christian’—we made all that up,” he clarifies. “It’s a one-on-one relationship with the creator… One thing I always say is, ‘religion is for those people who feel like they’re going to go to hell, spirituality is for those of us who have already gone through it.’”

Spirituality seems to be a very common thread within the non-human or more-than-human population.

Richard J. McNally, Ph.D. is a professor of psychology and director of clinical training in the department of psychology at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has conducted multiple studies about experiencing memories with people who have claimed to be abducted by aliens or lived past lives.

“Our chief aim was to understand why apparently sincere, non-psychotic people come to believe that they have been kidnapped by aliens,” Dr. McNally tells BTRtoday. Later in the study, they also started looking at people who reported having recollections from past lives.

“Most of them seemed to obtain a kind of spiritual meaning from understanding their experiences as evidence of alien encounters or of past lives,” he adds.

Their findings not only conveyed that people who reported being abducted or experiencing past lives associated strongly with spirituality and truly psychologically experienced these emotions, but also that they tend to be more creative compared to their control group.

“Isolated sleep paralysis accompanied by hypnopompic (“upon awakening”) hallucinations (e.g., of alien intruders in one’s bedroom) tends to run in families, suggestive of some genetic influence,” Dr. McNally adds to the results. “But, of course, genetic and environmental variance contributes to any phenotype.”

What the studies also clearly detect is that these people are most likely not faking it, or at least are unaware of any falsehood—they physically experience these emotions the memories bring forth.

Whether you want to believe the science that these people are using is to mask some sort of psychosis, or you want to believe that there are real starseed children out there connected deeply with the universe, is entirely up to you.