Mirrorgrams Of The World

Whether it’s used to keep in touch with old friends, showcase photographic talents, offer support towards a cause, or simply immortalize life moments, Instagram truly is a wonderful thing.

In honor of the platform we love, we’ve rounded up the best “Mirrorgrams” of our world. In light of recent events, we hope that they serve as a reminder of how much beauty there is in it, just waiting to be shared.

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(Photo by Loic Lagarde)

“This photo of Canal Saint Martin has a special taste today: indeed I took it…after a dinner just where the terrorists attacked (Petit Cambodge). This photo is the iconic symbol of the Lively district of Paris, where the multiple terrorist attacks occurred.” – Loic Lagarde, France

(Photo by Kevin Cote)

“I took this photo at a small lake behind my apartment in Farmington, CT with my iPhone 6. I was inspired by the reflection of the fall colors on the water and how it looked against the cool blue sky. I especially loved how the setting sun was crowning the treetops with the last bit of light.” – Kevin Cote, Connecticut, USA

(Photo by Michelle Herrera)

“This graph pictures the Basilica of Budapest in Hungary, [showcasing a] depth perception that contrasts with the symmetry of the structural mirrorgram.” – Michelle Herrera, Mexico

(Photo by Eric Mitchell)

“I took the photograph of North Pond located in Lincoln Park Chicago with my iPhone 6. I used Camera+ and Sparkmode to edit the photo. The photograph was inspired by the duality of fall and winter. It was meant to show the progression of one season blending into another.” – Eric Mitchell, Chicago, USA

(Photo by Francesco Timo)

“I was at the Aquarium of Genoa with my son, when the Cuvier’s dwarf cayman saw us he stopped swimming. Amazed by her beauty, we stopped too. The photo reflects this moment of silence, or at least tries to.” – Francesco Timo, Italy

(Photo by Johanna Eliacin)

“I took this photo in a nearby neighborhood. I love sunsets, so I walk over to another neighborhood to get a better view when I get the chance to. I captured this photo with my smartphone, a Zte Zmax. One of my favorite parts of this photo are the trees that appear almost like a silhouette. I framed this photo with a Mirror Image app.” – Johanna Eliacin, USA

(Photo by Zana Petrovicova)

“I took this photo in Slovakian High Tatras at a place called Strbske Pleso. I also visited there last year and took the same photo, as you can see in my older photos on Instagram. So, there is an obvious plan to go there again next year. I used my iPhone as usual, because I believe that it’s not a good camera that makes a good photographer, but being at the right place at the right time, point of view, and passion for photography.” – Zana Petrovicova, Slovakia

(Photo by Heath Owens)

“I was out hiking and saw a few leaves lined up that perfectly fell according to their color. One was green, the next was sort of a greenish-yellow, then a bright yellow one. That caught my eye, so then I decided to gather up some more leaves and align them according to color, making the full ‘autumn spectrum’. That’s what I call the photo.” – Heath Owens, Tennessee, USA

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Main photo courtesy of inkiworld.