BTR Staffers Love Excessively

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There has long been a debate about the differences between what constitutes a geek and what it means to be a nerd. Usually, the distinction comes down to interests: a nerd may be someone who enjoys one particular thing like a TV show or video game to the point of becoming an expert, while a geek may be more academically oriented.

Whether geeks or nerds, everyone has their own interests, their own hobbies, their own vices–certain things we can’t get enough of. In honor of Excess Week here on BTR, some of the staffers disclose items, people, or pastimes that they love almost to the point of excess.

Molly: The TV Nerd

Whether it’s watching an entire season of Orange is the New Black in 36 hours, or dissecting the comic book and movie universe tie-ins on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I truly can’t get enough of television. In fact, I need a website just to keep track of all the television shows I’m currently watching/catching up on. Currently, I have 24 series in my SideReel account that I’m getting through. Some selected shows are currently running while others have concluded and I’m simply watching them for the first time.

That being said, I don’t merely watch television, I become completely invested in the characters and the storylines of the all the series–sometimes, perhaps, a little too invested. However, when I feel actual grief over a fictional character dying, to me that’s an indication of quality storytelling, character development, and subsequently a fantastic TV series.

Sure, those who don’t watch TV as avidly as I do may not understand why I spent a night crying in front of the screen or waking up early to watch an episode before work, but it’s what I love.

Dane: The Whiskey Nerd

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Look, I know how it sounds when I say whiskey is my choice, but I don’t mean it in the literal sense. I’m not looking to drink to excess, but as I learn more and more about distilling and the differences between whiskies, I find that I am interested in tasting as many as I can so that I can learn more about my personal palette.

I have a handful of friends and family members that are more intrigued by wine, but my interests lie elsewhere. Most recently, I am learning that I love rye and Canadian whisky (most argue these are interchangeable) above all else. My favorite cocktail is the old fashioned, which typically calls for rye, so I’m exploring that realm. Last week, I bought two new bottles to taste: Hochstadter’s “Slow & Low” Rock and Rye (which is actually a take on a bottled cocktail from the 19th century that is similar to the old fashioned) and Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky, which is of the Canadian sort.

Don’t judge me, but my bar is pretty impressive and, yes, maybe a tad excessive.

Jess: The Coworker Nerd

Photo courtesy of Hey Paul Studios.

What can I just not get enough of? Anyone who knows me would say salad and wine, and that’s a fair guess because I do in fact consume enough wine to rival Dionysus and enough salad to rival… I don’t know, whoever eats a ton of salad.

Chocolate is pretty high on that list too–there are times in my life when I’ve housed an entire bag of Hershey’s Hugs in one sitting. Like, the big bag.

But you know what, all that pales in comparison to what I really can’t get enough of–the BTR editorial staff. Everyone always says they work with amazing people–bullshit, I work with amazing people.

From Dane’s resolve that the Lindsay Lohan The Parent Trap is better to Molly’s outpouring of Marvel love; Samantha’s debatably unhealthy burrito addiction to Zach’s superhuman luck; Tanya’s cat humor, Lisa’s random song breaks, Michele’s adventurousness, Veronica’s sass, Aubrey’s grace, Bill’s… well, one-of-a-kind Billness, everyone I am lucky enough to be in the media trenches with is intelligent, poised, and talented.

They rock my world, and I can’t get enough of them.

Samantha: The Record Nerd

Photo courtesy of Paul.

I spend most of my spare time surrounded by music, whether it be attending concerts or rummaging through bins of vinyl at record stores. A few summers ago, I found my father’s old phonograph collecting dust in our basement and I decided to resurrect it from its gloomy grave. With a bit of work, it began to spin like new.

Since then, I have purchased over 100 records and I have no intentions to stop. There is a certain level of satisfaction that is achieved when thumbing through hundreds of vinyl albums and finding the one you have been searching for all along. Dropping the needle on a piece of wax after a long day is all it takes to calm me down. Even if my bank account shows that my habit edges on the excessive side, I’m not sure what’s better than investing in your own happiness.

Featured image courtesy of Morgan.