The Vinyl Villain - SCOTTISH SINGLE


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The Apple Scruffs were four best friends from Glasgow that got together and began writing songs about their everyday lives and surroundings. After four months of hard work and practice the Scruffs played their first gig in Nice N Sleazy supporting the Ronelles at the end of May 2005.

From then on the band built up an amazing reputation in Glasgow supporting well known bands such as Dogs and The Ludes. They then landed a single deal with Hijacked Records. the scruffs released their debut single Danielle on Vaults Recordings on November 2006.

The scruffs were tireless on the Glasgow gig scene and played some all of Glasgow’s famous venues. lacklustre in their performances the crowd were still right behind their fast paced guitar led tunes. Giving a final shot at breaking through the blinkered music industry they tailored a new single to a more commercial sound in Big Hearts launching this in the Apple store in Glasgow however it wasnt to be and Johnny and the boys broke up to go seperate ways in 2010.

mp3 : The Apple Scruffs – Danielle
mp3 : The Apple Scruffs – Car Thief
mp3 : The Apple Scruffs – Lit The Candle At Both Ends