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With the promos of Scuba’s decent yet radio-friendly ‘Personality’ LP currently polarising industry opinion, Hotflush prepare to release the debut 12” from the Antwerp-based newcomer Locked Groove (aka Tim Van de Meutter). Hardened purists who’ve heard Scuba’s already infamous third album and are worried his revered label is also about to step out from the underground, will be pleased to here, judged on this EP, it’s very much business as usual. Conforming with what’s accounted for a good half the imprint’s output to date, the young Belgian joins the dots between German techno and UK garage, with 3 varied cuts. Those who’ve checked Scuba’s recent DJ Kicks mix, will already be familiar with the industrious ‘Drowning’, while the mild title track represents something different entirely. The retro groover ‘Change’ (which you can check for yourself by skipping to the last third of the player embedded below) completes the package, and for our money, is the pick of the bunch. Conrad Holten

NB: Read James’ review of Scuba’s forthcoming album in the March issue of Mixmag.

Label: Hotflush

Genre: House / Techno

Rating: 7/10

Serving suggestion: Lee Jones ‘The Moose Mingles’ [Aus]

Release date: 16th January

Locked Groove – Rooted

via The Veal Pen