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Thoughts on the 2DS

So the internet is freaking out about the 2DS, but it’s probably not going to be the failure most hope it’ll be. Here’s why…

So, the 2DS is essentially a slate that plays 3DS games…without the 3D effect. It’ll be released on October 12th for an estimated price of £109.99. It’ll join the 3DS (£139.99) and the 3DS XL (£165.99) as Nintendo’s latest line of handheld consoles. Will it be successful? Only time will tell. But here’s a few points on why it’s actually a smart move by Nintendo:

1. It’s not for you
The 2DS is aimed for children under 7. It’s intended for first-time console users. The worry of whether 3D will ruin a child’s eyes has been taken away. It also looks and (reportedly feels) more robust than a 3DS. You tell a parent that for £109.99 their child will shut up for every car journey, they will buy a 2DS.

2: It’s a cheaper alternative
If you want to play 3DS games, but want to save money, then the 2DS seems like a reasonable alternative. I think I must be the only person who likes the 3D effect of the 3DS. Most gamers turn it off. So don’t complain when they make a cheaper console without the feature.

3: Goddamn Pokemon
Guess what else is coming out on October 12th? Pokemon X and Y. These games have been on the calender of every Nintendo fan since they were announced, and you can bet that they’re going to outsell every game that month world-wide. Many of my friends would love to play those games, but don’t have a 3DS. So Nintendo is saying “Let’s meet you in the middle” and release a cheaper alternative for gamers who haven’t gotten a 3DS. And then, those gamers can take advantage of the 3DS’s absolutely brilliant catalogue of games. Seriously, they would buy the carcass of a dead badger if it could play Pokemon, regardless of the amount of flies hanging around it.

However, there are some definite cons to this new console. Some really, stupidly obvious cons:

1: The name
Imagine a parent going into the store to pick up a 2DS. He can see the 2DS, but no 2DS games, so he asks the store assistant where they are. “Oh, there aren’t any 2DS games. There are 3DS games, which the 2DS can play, just without the 3D effect. It can also play DS games, on top of the newer 3DS games. But no, there are no 2DS games.” Nintendo can’t seem to break away from it’s branding. You’d think they’d have learnt their lesson with Wii U, seeing as a lot of people still think it’s a peripheral add-on for the Wii. It’s confusing seeing Nintendo make what will inevitably be the same mistake.

2: Opportunity cost
The 3DS is Nintendo’s powerhouse console. It’s selling like nobody’s business. However, there are still a lot of people on the fence, deciding whether to buy it. When this newer, cheaper alternative is released, those consumers will buy the 2DS instead. Nintendo will see 3DS sales go down rather rapidly. It doesn’t matter that much internally, seeing as all the money goes to Nintendo, but to an outsider it could seem like the 3DS is failing, and there may be a decline Nintendo’s stock. It’s a stretch, but a definite possibility.

3: It’s not the problem they need to be solving right now.
They don’t need more 3DS sales. They need more Wii U sales. They announced a price drop, but it still isn’t enough to justify a purchase from anybody but the most die-hard Nintendo fans. We’re starting to get a trickle of good games, but it’s still not enough. Drop the price even lower, it’s the only to increase sales.

And those are my thoughts on Nintendo’s new console. Let me know what you think, drop a comment below.

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