BTR's Summer Bucket List - Surf Week

By the Editorial Staff

Who doesn’t love summer? Then again, if you recently graduated college and started your first adult job, your relationship with the season changes whether you like it or not. It can be a little weird waking up on those humid mornings to the same nine-to-five you did back in the winter. No finals weeks, no countdowns to freedom, no “School’s Out For the Summer”–just hot weather.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. It takes some work, but get out there and make enjoying the season a priority. Enjoy the summer just as much as you did when it was mostly about playing video games all day. With that in mind, our staff put together a checklist of summer must-dos so you don’t forget what season it is.

See how many you can cross off your list by Sept. 20?

Photo courtesy of Dmitry Kichenko.

1. Complain about the heat.

2. Put your bare feet in a body of water. Rivers, lakes, ponds, and puddles count, but not your bathtub.

3. Make your own denim cutoffs.

4. Regret turning your favorite pair of jeans into cutoffs.

5. Play tag, freeze tag, hide and seek, or manhunt with a group of friends.

6. Take advantage of being able to eat local produce–those Chilean strawberries will be there for you in November.

7. Introduce yourself to a dog on the street.

8. Revisit something you did as a kid over the summer.

9. Make your own Slip’N Slide.

10. Drink a beverage with a paper umbrella in it.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

11. Reread the Harry Potter series.

12. Break out the ol’ N64, Playstation, Sega, or Nintendo (if they still work, of course).

13. Get a tan line, even if it’s one from your socks (or a farmer’s tan).

14. Hit up an open-air market.

15. Buy fresh-squeezed lemonade from those kids down the street.

16. Swear off social media for a day, a week, or at least an hour.

17. Sleep outside under the stars.

18. Get a free Slurpee from 7-11 on July 11th.

19. Fall into a Wikipedia blackhole when you go to look up something mundane and become an unofficial expert on the cuttlefish.

20. Listen to a Jimmy Buffett record while sipping a frozen margarita in an inflatable pool.

Photo courtesy of Brent Ozar.

21. Experiment with summer-themed nail decals: palm trees, beach balls, bright flowers, etc.

22. Go somewhere you’ve never been before or take an alternate route on your way home.

23. Spend time on a patio, porch, deck, even a roof if you’re feeling brave.

24. End up sticking to a lawn chair when you try to stand up.

25. Go to a midnight movie. Go to a drive-in. Go see a movie in a park.

26. Go see a movie in a theater just for the air conditioning.

27. Have a bonfire. Make s’mores. (If you can’t make a bonfire, cook s’mores over a grill, your stove, or even in your microwave.)

28. Climb a tree (try not to fall out).

29. Binge-watch a whole season of a TV show in a week.

30. Listen to “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince until you know all the words by heart (if you don’t already).

Image courtesy of doneganue.

31. Spend an entire afternoon in a used record store.

32. Chase some alley cats down the alley.

33. Have a barbecue; experiment with different kinds of burgers/hot dogs (bacon-wrapped, anyone?)

34. Have a contest with your friends to see who can make the best guacamole or salsa.

35. Pour lemonade in your ice tray for treats (or just put in mint leaves if you don’t like the stickiness).

36. Lay around in the grass at the park for hours. Get covered in green stains and own it.

37. Dry your wet clothes on lines outside instead of in the dryer. Save the Earth.

38. Wear something white before Labor Day. Carry around a Tide To Go if you’re that scared.

39. Sit in front of a lake and write in your journal. Don’t bring your phone!

40. Go golfing. Even if you’re terrible at it.

41. Hop-scotch.

42. Experiment with skewering healthy options on the grill–pineapple, peppers, onions, or mango are all worthwhile.

43. Add some seltzer to your beverages to lighten and spritz things up.

44. Spend an afternoon in the air conditioning taking BuzzFeed quizzes. Cry when you dislike your results.

45. Read an entire book in one day (it’s possible).

46. Go for a hike. Subsequently check for ticks.

47. Open an old school map, close your eyes, and pick a destination. Road trip to it. Listen to Roadside Assistance for a great soundtrack.

48. Make a killer summer playlist. Include “MMMBop.”

49. Watch Wet Hot American Summer before Netflix reboots it.

50. Buy a frozen treat from an ice cream truck.

Photo courtesy of Fotopedia.

51. Go to a baseball game. Root for the home team.

52. Blend farmer’s market fruit and milk for refreshing summer breakfast smoothies.

53. Go on your own Stand by Me style adventure. “You guys wanna go see a dead body?”

54. Pull an all-nighter on the beach. Beer helps.

55. Go see the Backstreet Boys. Yes, they’re still touring.

56. Hollow out old logs from the yard and build your own canoe. Then go buy an inflatable kayak once it sinks.

57. Finally learn how to sail. There are free online classes. No excuses.

58. Buy SPF 50 broad-spectrum sunscreen.

59. Buy it again when it leaks in your beach bag.

60. Build a sandcastle. Not too close to the water, but close enough so you can see it swooshed away before leaving.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

61. Make booze-infused gummy bears for a backyard party. Call in sick the next morning.

62. Attach a plank of wood to your bike and bungee strap your radio to it so you can blast music like the real thug that you are.

63. Get dreadlocks. Inter-weave your dreads with Tiko’s, the beach bum from Hawaii, and become dread buddies for life.

64. Rent a bounce house for a day (they’re actually pretty cheap).

65. Get enough sand in your car to justify cleaning it.

66. Tie a beach towel around your neck like a cape and pretend to be a superhero.

67. Beg your neighbors to sign off on a block party. Then, beg for a small “donation” to aid in the cost of a rental ball pit.

68. Try out that nude beach you’ve been curious about. Realize it should remain a part of European culture.

69. Grab a harmonica and jam out to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”, disregard the proper chords.

70. Attempt to double dutch.

Photo courtesy of Beatrice Murch.

71. Dig up that old Speedo you bought ironically and ironically strut your stuff.

72. Braid your hair: Length not applicable. #longhairdontcare

73. See The Replacements reunited!

74. Fry an egg on the sidewalk, eat at your own discretion.

75. Wear as much red, white, & blue on July 4th as humanly possible. Dye your hair, paint your nails (girls AND guys), body paint, completely deck yourself out.

76. Pretend to care about the World Cup.

77. Lose a shoe at a music festival.

78. Binge listen to BTR podcasts. Or, check out one you’ve never listened to before.

79. Buy an ice cream cake. Try to eat the whole thing yourself. End up sharing (it’s for the best anyway).

80. Hula-hoop.

Photo courtesy of Eren Emre Kanal.

81. Swim in a lake. Subsequently check for leeches.

82. Watch Shark Week.

83. Before swimming in the ocean, check the water for sharks.

84. Go camping. Check for mountain lions a la Meredith Blake.

85. Buy a straw fedora or panama.

86. Go to an art supply store and stock up on fun arts and crafts projects: friendship bracelets, popsicle stick picture frames, and rainmakers.

87. Tie-dye all of your white clothing. No v-neck left behind!

88. Hang out with some four-legged friends at your local petting zoo, animal shelter, or visit a farm.

89. If a thunderstorm wakes you up in the middle of the night, sing “The Thunder Song”. Thunder Buddies for life!

90. Run out into that same thunderstorm like you’re Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption.

91. Have a pie baking contest with your friends.

92. Have a pie eating contest using all of the pies.

93. Capture and collect every lightening bug you pass. Make a nightlight.

94. Crash a wedding. Attempt to give a speech and get kicked out, but grab some cake before you go!

95. Start a garden. If it doesn’t work out, buy a cactus.

96. Build a tire swing.

97. Stare at the sunset until red dots appear in your eyelids. (It’s worth it.)

98. Swat off every mosquito that invades your personal space.

99. Sleep until 11am every Sunday morning until September. Eat breakfast in bed. Treat yourself.

100. Make your own summer bucket list!