Seven Deadly Politicians - Seven Deadly Sins Week


By Mark Falanga

Politicians have never been the most admired people on the planet. Hell, they aren’t even all that liked. As it stands now, Congress’ approval rating is at a dismal 15 percent. They’re so low that it caused Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nev) to say that the American people view the country of North Korea more favorable than that of Congress.

But are they so despised that we can view them as deadly? Well, we at BTR say that yes you can! In honor of 7 Deadly Sins Week, BTR will examine a politician who best fits one of those sins.

Envy – Mitt Romney

Photo by Iowa Politics.

Defeat is a tough pill to swallow, but tasting defeat while the entire free world is watching makes it that much worse. It stands to reason that Mitt Romney might be envying Barack Obama right now, but that’s not why he’s on this list. It’s due to a comment he made on the Today Show when talking about income inequality in America. “You know, I think it’s about envy. I think it’s about class warfare.” It’s probably not a good idea to call people you may be depending on for votes, “envious,” but in the case of politician we’d least like to be… Mitt Romney has no envy.

Gluttony – Chris Christie

Photo by Bob Jagendorf.

Many people find that just making fun of Chris Christie’s weight to be distasteful, but you can’t argue that it’s there. In fact, it’s a weighty issue (pun definitely intended). As a politician with fierce competition, any type of mud that can be slung his way will be used, including personal appearance. But now he feels he’s ready to do something about it. In May of this year, Christie secretly underwent lap band surgery. When asked why he did it, he responded, “It’s not a career issue for me. It is a long-term health issue for me and that’s the basis on which I made this decision. It’s not about anything other than that.”

Greed – Rod Blagojevich

Photo by Rick Galvan.

There have been many stories about how the city of Chicago garnered its nickname the “Windy City.” However, one story states that it’s because of the style of politics practiced there. In other words, when a Chicago politician speaks, they just “blow a lot of wind.” So it appears that nasty politics have been a fixture in Illinois for a long time, and in some cases, still is alive in present times.

In 2008, Rod Blagojevich created a bidding war in which he was trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat. It was reported that he wanted $250,000 to $300,000 for the lucrative position, but why would he do that when he reportedly made $177,412 that year? In an interview to NBC News, Chicagoan political strategist in Chicago, Dan Rose, sums it up perfectly: “It’s about greed. I think this is beyond ordinary sanity. We’re talking about something clinical here. This is beyond logic. It’s beyond greed as we know it.”

Lust – Eliot Spitzer

Photo by Azi Paybarah.

There were so many politicians that we could choose from who were more than qualified to fill this entry, but none had the credentials that Eliot Spitzer had. His history with lust is as shocking as it is ironic. In 2008, the former New York governor, who was once known as “Mr. Clean” for his stance on corruption, went from Cloud 9 to Client #9 when he was caught in a prostitution ring, paying as much has $4,300 for sex. While Spitzer kept out of the public eye after the scandal, it appears he’s ready to step into the spotlight again, as he announced his candidacy for New York City Comptroller. It appears his lust for power outweighs his lust for Ashley Dupre.

Sloth – George W. Bush

Image courtesy of the US Navy.

Sloth is probably the nicest deadly sin that Bush can be associated with. While there is no deadly sin for intelligence (or lack thereof), sloth is best suited for him. This is because for a sitting president… he did a lot of sitting. Bush holds the record for vacation days with 1,079 vacation days while he was in office. It’s pretty remarkable when you consider the events that happened during his tenure as commander in chief. The dot-com bubble burst, Enron, 9/11, The Great Recession, not to mention starting and managing two wars simultaneously. Despite the fact that Nancy Reagan was quoted as saying, “President’s don’t take vacations, just a change of scenery, the job goes with you,” it still didn’t bode well for Bush’s image to take almost three years off of an eight year job.

Pride – Anthony Weiner

Photo by Azi Paybarah.

Anthony Weiner’s overconfidence in the resiliency of his political reputation is astounding. Hollywood could not make his story up, at least not on their own. First, the then-congressman sent explicit messages on the internet to women who were not his wife. Then Weiner denied their existence once they were discovered in June 2011, only to publicly apologize and resign from office at the behest of the president and Nancy Pelosi when he could lie no longer.

So anyone can see that the man had only one realistic option to salvage a tarnished, young reputation for a Brooklyn-bred hot-shot — run for Mayor of New York City. The rest played out in hilarious fashion this week, when Weiner admitted to corresponding with three women after resigning from Congress. So much for pledging to be a changed man. Will a fall follow such arrogance? Stay tuned to the NYC Mayoral election campaign season to find out.

Wrath – Barack Obama

Photo by Kelly DeLay.

In the BTR office, there was much dispute over this one, but when all the cards were laid out, our sitting president seemed like the best candidate. While being president might make him an easy target, many people feel like he’s making the American people easy targets. Ways like having power to use drone strikes to kill Americans on American soil. There’s also the fact that he was trying to impose his wrath on members of the Tea Party, with the IRS scandal, and then there’s the whole NSA spy tactics mess. It seems if you irk this president, be prepared to feel the wrath. Don’t believe us? Just ask Osama bin Laden.