New Year'What Will the 2010's Be Known For?

Trends and fads contribute to many important facets of the economy, injecting new life into the beauty and fashion industries that influence everyone from celebrities to your average American.

The influence of fads and trends extends beyond financial profit, however, as they often govern how we mentally categorize entire periods of time.

From the shortened hemlines of the 1920’s to flared jeans and spandex in the 1970’s, we recognize the distinct decades based on fashion trends.

So far, the new millennium has recycled styles cast-off from previous decades. But which original or second-hand trends may eventually symbolize the 2010’s?

While new trends may still emerge before the decade’s end, we can already predict what we’ll be known for:

The Macklemore

Men all over the world sport this confusing haircut popularized by singer Macklemore, which features shaved sides paired with longer, slicked-back hair on top. At once clean and edgy, it has somehow become the symbol of the trendy youth. Unfortunately, it also bears a strong resemblance to the hairstyle favored by Phil and Lil Deville of Rugrats.

Mom Jeans

Though the trend initially attracted its fair share of naysayers, these popular 90’s-cut jeans fought hard in order to become an accepted and legitimate symbol of modern fashion. Mom jeans famously fail to flatter rear ends, but allow wearers to sport crop tops without revealing full midriff.

The Man Bun

When fans of the Macklemore haircut fail to maintain their style, they edge into man bun territory. The stereotypical Brooklyn hipster crowd provides the most common example of this fad, often paired with lumberjack-style clothing and an affinity for manscaping bushy beards using traditional straight razors.

Full Eyebrows

Major credit to the likes of Lily Collins and Cara Delevigne, who both played key roles in the current popularization of bushy, natural eyebrows. Women everywhere, free to cease the painful and time consuming over-plucking, now turn to eyebrow pencils in order to darken and thicken their brows. Natural brows frame the face, adding to a more intense shape and drawing focus to the eyes.

Nail Art

The world will never forget that brief moment when red carpet journalists decided they needed to individually document nail art during award ceremonies. Tiny beads and rhinestones, tape patterns, intricate embellishments, and glitter became requirements for achieving the perfect envy-inducing nail art. Thanks for placing immense pressure on a previously ignored body part, Zooey Deschanel.

Hipster Culture

This trend combines more than just man buns and an affinity for Edison light bulbs. Hipsters have single-handedly driven the popularity of Urban Outfitters through the roof. They drink craft beer and artisan cocktails, (probably) pickle their own cucumbers in the basement, and buy pre-damaged clothing to pair with their artfully disheveled hair.

Hair Color

Modern advancements in hair dye allowed stylists in this decade to experiment with color in ways previously unseen. From granny silver to dusky pastels, and the more recent vivid galaxies of rainbow colors, risky hair dye is all the rage and shows no sign of slowing down. On the opposite side of this spectrum, subtle ombres and balayage are now the go-to style for celebrities who hope to attain a naturally sun-kissed appearance.

Diverse Body Types

Hopefully, this stands the test of time as the most notable and historic trend of the 2010’s. Now, more than ever, women (and men) are embracing their natural bodies and feeling proud of their shape as a result of media that encourages and applauds a more realistic view of human imperfections.

Everything Kardashian

Regardless of personal opinion, this decade will doubtless live on as the Kardashian era. Millions of eyes watch Kim Kardashian’s every move, fanatical teens hope to emulate Kylie’s surgically-altered pucker, and Kendall emerged from obscurity as a popular super model. That’s all without mentioning the intense media scandals surrounding divorce, gender transitions, plastic surgery, inappropriate relationships, and infidelity.

Thankfully, as the decade is only just past halfway through, we still have plenty of time to retire most of our faux pas and make room for the trends that will be worthy of our pride in the future.

Feature photo courtesy of the San Francisco Foghorn.