Class of 2012: Super Bowl Commercials - Music and Medicine Week


Break out the greasy appetizers and Bud Light, Super Bowl Weekend is upon us. In honor of American history’s best day for sports, commercials and beer, and in lieu of a top ten list, BreakThru Radio has put together its First Annual Popularity Poll, a list of superlatives to honor the day’s finest advertisements.

From the best legs to the biggest ego, we have anointed some of the past decades’ most impressive with their well-deserved claims to fame. Though a few of next year’s competitors have already sneaked out onto the web (What’s up with spoiling the fun? See here), our favorites include those from years past who’ve gone on to great success as the most memorable commercials of all time. Check them out and less us know what you think.

Go Giants!

Best Overall: Terry the Linebacker, Reebok [youtube][/youtube]

Most Likely To Succeed: The eTrade Baby

Most Attractive: The Old Spice Man

Funniest: Budweiser Frogs

Best Legs: Cindy Crawford, Pepsi

Most Athletic: Jordan v. Bird, McDonald’s

The Game Changer – Where’s The Beef, Wendy’s

Coolest: Apple, 1984

Most Likely To Be A Millionaire: Ed McMahon & MC Hammer,

Best Couple: Farrah Fawcett & Joe Namath, Noxema

Biggest Flirt: Betty White, Snickers

Biggest Ego: Mean Joe Green, Coca-Cola

Most Likely to End Up in Jail: Alec Baldwin, Hulu

Most Talented: The Monk, Xerox

Most Likely to Be Completely Mediocre: The Cave Man, Fed-Ex

Most Spirited: Macy’s Balloon Fight, Coca-Cola

Most Didactic: Unicorns, Emerald Nuts

Class Clown: Wassup, Budweiser

Most Improved: Hard Times, Coca-Cola