‘Tis the Season to be Packing - Housing Week


Photo by Lifeofgalileo

It has been said that the two most stressful things to do in life are moving and getting a divorce. Granted, when a divorce occurs one person usually has to move. It’s a double-whammy in the low points of one’s life but for the sake of argument, let’s just say that they are both equally as stressful and equally drain one’s optimism. There are certain things people can do to make a divorce easier (i.e. sign a pre-nuptial agreement, hire a great attorney, don’t have kids, etc.), but for the time being, let’s concentrate on the act of moving.

Unless a person plans to stay in their parents’ house for their entire lives, everyone has to go through the act of packing up everything they own and finding new shelter. It is exhausting–things magically get lost in the void where all things disappear and strain the parts of the brain that keep people sane. With that said, certain things should be kept in mind during the time of year a person plans to move.


If someone were to ask the best time of year to move, this season would be the most common answer. The weather is great, there are more hours of sunlight in a day, the kids are not in school and most people have recently received their tax refunds which helps pay for the safety deposit. The combination of all the factors creates the ideal moving situation. However, property owners, truck-rental companies and movers are well aware of this fact. With the demand of rentals increasing, the prices for all three increase right along with them.

The great weather in the summertime does not spread across the board for all fifty states. For those who live in desert climates, the weather is warm all year-round. The summer months bring in the most scorching temperatures out of all four seasons. Places like Arizona experience storms called haboobs (you read that correctly), which are sudden dust storms that last several hours. Nobody wants to be in the middle of moving all of their earthly possessions and get caught in the middle of a scene out of The Grapes of Wrath. In these parts of the country, it is best to wait until a cooler season.


It is that time of year when the leaves start changing, people are dusting off their warm clothes, kids are smashing pumpkins, and Simon Cowell debuts more mindless drool on television sets throughout the country. Depending on where a person lives, the weather is not ideal for moving. This is the time of year where the weather gets confused and decides to rain and snow at the same time. Luckily, this is not an everyday occurrence and most days are only slightly brisk. Any person with a long sleeve flannel shirt can brave through the chilly air and pack their belongings into a truck.

Does the demand for renting property go down this time of year? This also depends on where a person is moving. Cities like San Francisco have an influx of college students looking for apartments. Rent skyrockets and people have to do nothing short of giving freshly baked pies to landlords in order to get their applications noticed; but for every other city without a college nearby, this is a decent time to move.


It’s cold. Really cold. There is snow on the ground, driving is unsafe and the only thing everyone wants to do is sit inside, get intoxicated and watch The X-Factor. Moving is the last thing on the majority of people’s minds. However, this is the time to take advantage of their lack of motivation. Rent goes down and movers are chomping at the bit for any type of business. If one is so inclined and needs a new place to live, dress up like the little brother in A Christmas Story and get things moving.


Winter has passed and there is finally a light at the end of the frozen tunnel. People shake off their cabin fever, fill their prescriptions of Allegra and start emerging outside again. For those that did not want to move during the coldest time of the year, this is another good time to move. It is just before the demand for rent increases in the summer months and the weather is manageable.

So, pause The Ten Commandments, get everything packed up and host an Easter Egg hunt at your new digs.

Written by Zachary Ehren