Resort-Style Rehab Centers - Intoxication Week


By Molly Freeman

Photo courtesy of David Anstiss.

Gone are the days of boring old AA and NA meetings in dank church basements with introductions like “Hello, my name is Molly and I’m an alcoholic.” (Which is your cue to say “Hi Molly.”) Now, resort-style rehab facilities have become almost as popular as the high-profile celebrities that have stayed at them.

Last month, Thrillist compiled a list of the “Five rehab centers that’re more like resorts” located in the U.S., UK, and Caribbean. The “luxe sober living spots” listed are accompanied by photos of picturesque views along with some tips of other sights to see in the area.

First on the list is The Meadows, located 50 miles outside of Phoenix in Wickenburg, Arizona. Although Tiger Woods apparently kicked his sex addiction here, the facility also treats drug and alcohol addition, depression, bipolar disorder, panic/anxiety disorders, and eating disorders. Additionally, if you’re a love addict, a work addict, or guilty of love avoidance, you can also receive treatment at The Meadows.

According to Thrillist, you’d only need to pay about $1,000 a day in order to participate in their wide range of services from small group sessions and peer support to Tai Chi, expressive arts, and meditation. And once you graduate from their inpatient program, you can even join the alumni association—so on the plus side, it’s possible to rub elbows with Tiger Woods.

Next on the list is The Priory Hospital Roehampton in London, which looks more like the royal palace than any other rehab center. The Priory has locations all over the United Kingdom, though the facility in Roehampton has hosted Pete Doherty, Jade Goody, and Kate Moss.

A wide range of addictions are treated at The Priory from drugs, gambling, and alcohol to internet, shopping, sex, and love. (If you’re wondering what the difference between sex addiction and love addiction is, it has to do with focusing on either sexual acts or relationships.) The Priory also treats other mental health disorders such as agoraphobia, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The therapy program offered at The Priory offers a 12-month recovery plan that helps patients develop and maintain healthy relationships as well as work toward future goals. So maybe you’re in rehab for a whole year, but at least that’s one whole year you can live in a castle.

The next facility is Passages, located in Malibu, California, with picturesque beaches, sprawling lawns, and an infinity pool. The website claims Passages is “rated the number one rehab in the world.” I mean, with alumni such as Mel Gibson, Stephen Baldwin, and Andy Dick, who wouldn’t want to check in at Passages?

Addiction treatments are broken down into three categories: drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs, and then even more specified within those categories. Passages offers eleven different prescription drug addiction programs from Ambien to Xanax.

Passages also offers many different kinds of alternative therapy—Tai Chi, yoga, hypnotherapy, meditation—though the most interesting is adventure therapy. The treatment includes “an assortment of fun, safe, and challenging activities that enhance personal growth and team building,” which probably includes kayaking as the picture suggests.

Also located in Malibu is the next facility: Promises. (Who’s naming these places? C’mon, you can do better.) Paying more than $9,000 a week, only six patients reside at this facility in the Santa Monica Mounts at a time. Past patients include Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, Robert Downey, Jr., and Diana Ross.

Promises originated the ‘Malibu Model’, which boasts individualized treatment, an expanded staff, and a home-like retreat environment. While offering a garden variety of psuedo-luxurious therapies as yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapies, Passages also offers more cerebral techuniques like neurofeedback, SPECT brain imaging, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Y’know, if that’s more your thing.

The last rehab facility on Thrillist’s list is located on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean: Crossroads. Founded by former alcoholic and drug addict—also guitar icon—Eric Clapton, Crossroads treats all forms of chemical dependency. The model implemented is based on the 12-Step program, though it emphasizes “a holistic approach that addresses and promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health.”

Crossroads is another small treatment center, allowing a maximum of only 32 patients at a time. The facility offers experiential therapy, therapeutic massages, fitness training, meditation, and yoga. Crossroads also has an alumni network that patients may join after finishing the program.

Of course, if none of these resort-style rehab facilities interest you, can help you pick the best fit for you. Or if you’re looking for a high-profile or celebrity rehab center, that’s possible as well.

One resort-style rehab that Thrillist left off its list is The Ranch, located in Nunnelly, Tennessee. The facility offers treatment for drug and alcohol addiction as well as specialized programs for men, women, and families. True to its name, The Ranch also offers equine therapy in order to help patients through interactions with horses.

There are plenty of resort-style rehab centers to choose from with a wide range of programs and therapy options. You can choose based on the programs, the pricing, or the beautiful sunsets….or you could just go to the same rehab center as your favorite celeb.