Celebrate Micro-holidays

ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORS Rachel Simons Anjelica Blige

By Rachel Simons & Anjelica Blige

Photo courtesy of Kim.

Every year we are bombarded by the holiday season. By the time Halloween rolls around it’s a never-ending finish line to New Year’s with one holiday falling right after the other.

What you may not realize is that aside from the traditional end-of-the-year holiday crunch and federally noted recesses, there are a growing number of micro holidays. And just as their title claims, they are the lesser-known occasions–although we want to make some of them just as recognizable as federal holidays.

Here is a small selection of some of the more interesting micro-holidays (that are sure to soon be marked on your calendar).

Caps Lock Day: Oct 22

Contrary to what you’d expect, Caps Lock Day isn’t the time where you type everything in capital letters, but a yearly advocacy campaign to move the Caps Lock button or to simply get rid of it all together. But then how will people express anger or excitement on the internet?

Go Cook for Your Pets Day: Nov 1

Photo courtesy of 3.26.

Pet owners are encouraged to forgo the kibble and canned food and cook a meal for their favorite furry, feathered, or scaly companions.

Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day: Nov 8

On this day, chefs should open their spice cabinets and concoct something with as much garlic, onion, chilies, or any other powerfully aromatic ingredient they choose.

Chaos Never Dies Day: Nov 9

Chaos is a concept that is prevalent in everything from science to philosophy so it’s not surprising that the idea gets its own day too. This holiday is all about embracing the unpredictable, hectic components of life.

Bartender Appreciation Day: Dec 5

Photo courtesy of Vratislav Darmek.

Sometimes they are your best friends, and sometimes they are your worst enemies, but either way, you love and trust them enough. Bartenders are the people we let soothe our problems and doubts when no one else is around. Better yet we let them soothe us while everyone is around. The fifth of December is just one of the many days you should take the time to say “thanks” to your bartender.

Pretend to be a Time Traveler: Dec 8

Participants of this holiday are known to get creative. By putting on costumes and employing the help of friends, fake time travelers from both the past and future go up to unsuspecting passersby and ask them for the date, pretending to be amazed by the answer.

That’s a lot of work for a quick reaction, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

Cat Herders Day: Dec 15

If the image you got in your head when you pictured this holiday seemed ridiculous, that’s because it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately for the cat video fans who surf all spheres of YouTube, the title of this holiday isn’t meant to be taken literally, but is supposed to celebrate the tasks in life that seem impossible and difficult to get through.

You can still watch cat-herding videos on YouTube though:

Bacon Day: Dec 30

Bacon reigns as a crispy, fatty emperor amongst food. Ever since Epic Meal Time became a web sensation, bacon has remained a staple of many diets. Pizza places now pile bacon on the meat lovers’ selections or even stuff it in the crust with cheese. For all the crazy bacon creations that have amounted, the meat is still delectable all by itself.

Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day: Jan 17

No matter how much we may try, our New Years’ Resolutions almost always fail and we just go back to the way things were last year. To celebrate this first failure of the New Year, Jan 17 was marked as the day that you’re allowed to say enough is enough and properly give up your resolution.

Cheese Lovers Day: Jan 20

Photo courtesy of Refracted Moments.

It seems lately that there has been a spike in the popularity of all things cheese. Perhaps that’s because the food could be eaten as a topping or just by itself. Or, the cause for micro-holiday could just be that many of us simply could not imagine food without cheese. Think of pizza, mac & cheese, cheese fries, or broccoli cheddar soup. All are plain if you don’t have cheese, and seriously, what’s the fun in that?

FYI, the top three most popular kinds of cheese are mozzarella, Parmigano-Regiano, and Brie.

Curling is Cool Day: Feb 23

Curling, the sport they show at the Winter Olympics which entails people sliding on ice to push a polished stone into the circular goal with spongy brushes. The sport nobody really understands and that everybody laughs at when they are switching through channels and catch a few seconds of it. Well, according to the calendar, curling is officially cool–if only for one day every year.

What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day: Mar 3

Just think of the Photoshop picture and YouTube video possibilities. THINK ABOUT THEM!

Cereal Day: Mar 7

Photo courtesy musicfanatic29.

All those friendly faces and mascots get us every time, and we all have our favorite puffed or sugared grains–that’s right, there’s a day for cereal. The dish can be hot or warm, but regardless it’s delicious. From Captain Crunch to Frosted Flakes, cereal is perfect day or night. Its realm of edible possibilities is endless.

FYI, the top three selling breakfast cereals are Honey Nut Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, and Honey Bunches of Oats.

Snowman Burning Day: Mar 20

Celebrating this holiday completely depends on where you live and if there is even still snow on the ground, but what better way to celebrate the end of a frozen, bleak winter than lighting a snowman on fire?

Pizza Party Day: May 15th

This day combines two things that everyone loves, pizza and their friends. It is an occasion to celebrate living and daily fruitfulness with a group of friends (or even just one other person) by enjoying your favorite style and toppings. Otherwise, you’d all just share the pleasantness of your slices remotely via Snapchat.

So, it seems like whatever your favorite dish, pet, cause, or fantasy scene, there’s a micro-holiday to celebrate.