BTR's Dream New Years Eve Concerts - Holiday Week


Meredith Schneider, BTR Social Media Intern

Photo courtesy of slgckgc.

“The perfect NYE show for me would be at Terminal 5. I would want it to include my sister’s girl crush–Pink–and her aerial fabric display. The set would then include Hanson (Yes, Hanson!), Blood Orange, She & Him (For some Zooey, of course!), HAIM, and–because I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them live–maybe some Bastille. I would also like my girl crush–Katy Perry–to at least be in attendance.”

DJ Meredith of Caribbean Fever, Xtreme Endurance

Photo courtesy of Ueli Frey.

“At Le Poisson Rouge – Bob Marley/Busy Signal/Mr Vegas opening, followed by Fela, Seun & Femi Kuti & then closing out the night with Inna. Random combo, yes, but such amazing music and energy!!! Some resurrections would need to occur, but it would be the most unique show ever and definitely my cup of tea!”

Nicole Stinson, Intern

Photo courtesy of Christopher Johnson.

“I missed out on seeing Ed Sheeran when he was here last, so I think listening to him to bring in the New Year would be a dream.”

DJ Molly of The Hash

Photo courtesy of Victoria Morse.

“Brand New and Taking Back Sunday with an encore performed by Something Corporate where they only play ‘Konstantine’, ‘Drunk Girl’, and ‘If You C Jordan’. Circa 2005 at Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ.”

DJ Jordan of Discovery Corner

Photo courtesy of simplifica.

“To close out the year I would love to have three powerpop bands play that are either fictional, mostly dead or just plain broken up. In no particular order: The Shangri-Las, The Wonders, and The Exploding Hearts at the Leonard Street Knitting Factory.”

DJ Emily of Alt Country, BTR Top Ten, DJ Emily BTR on Tuesdays, Ladies Skate Only, and Revolver

Photo courtesy of Jim Wall.

“Can I go back in time to Dec. 31, 2004? If so, I’d be hopping a plane to NYC and headed to Madison Square Garden for my dream NYE lineup. Wilco, The Flaming Lips, and Sleater- Kinney took the stage that evening and from what I’ve heard it was a pretty memorable one. I’ve seen The Flaming Lips a few times and they never disappoint with the oddities and I’d imagine their NYE show to be even more spectacular. As someone that’s been to WAY more shows than the average person, somehow Wilco (one of my favorite bands) has always seemed to allude me. Seeing them on NYE would be a dream come true.”

DJ Dillon of Restricted Audience Required and BTR Managing Editor

Photo courtesy of Dariel Blots.

“Honestly my ‘dream’ New Year’s Eve show involves me getting into a time machine on New Year’s Eve and walking out into November 8th 1993 so I could go see Nirvana on MTV’s Unplugged.”

Tanya Silverman, BTR Managing Editor

Photo courtesy of Greg Davis.

“This new year’s, I wish I could re-experience an impossible show: Wesley Willis at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan. Wesley Willis has passed away, and the former venue has shut down (only open in Brooklyn). Though I saw this magical concert when I was in high school, I had to leave early before I could see ‘Cut the Mullet’.”

DJ Dane of The Hash and Columnist of Dish + Drink

Photo courtesy of David Shoenfelt.

“I would love to see the Traveling Wilburys live. I’ve seen Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, but as a group they were such an amazing collaboration. I can only imagine how much more music they would have released if George Harrison and Roy Orbison were alive today. Also it would just be awesome if they opened for the Stones all at the PNC Bank Arts Center.”

Zach Schepis, Intern and Tune Up Writer

Photo courtesy of Craig Howell.

“Definitely a shot in the dark, but it would kick some serious ass to see Talking Heads reunite and play a small show at an intimate venue like the Beekman Beer Garden. David Byrne would never have it, but one can dream…

“As for a more realistic choice, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen Phish do NYE at MSG, and it would be great to see again. My inner hippie is crying out to be satiated.”

DJ Margaret of Biology of the Blog, Top of the Dome, and The Music Digest

Photo courtesy of Hunter Desportes.

“For my perfect New Year’s concert, I’d love to see a Patti Smith (circa Horses) and The Rolling Stones (circa Beggars Banquet) open up for Jimi Hendrix (Are You Experienced) at the Barclay’s Center in the front row. A legendary rock show would be a super epic way to get 2014 going.”

DJ Jen of The Daily Beat

Photo courtesy of Michael W. Pendergrass.

“Seems a bit silly and fantastical, but I think it would be amazing to see Jimmy Buffet and Pete Seeger at the same show. I think the juxtaposition of Florida-style kitsch and down-home Americana would be really entertaining. It would probably be at some wacky festival.”

Matt DeMello, Editorial Director and Co-host of Third Eye Weekly

Photo courtesy of Julio Enriquez.

“Really, why resurrect the dead with a live lineup this good? Ava Luna, The Juan Maclean (DJ Set), JDH, Justin Strauss, Evan Michael, Alan Blancato, Andrew Blancato, and Mondo: An Indie Dance Party, all at Cameo Gallery this New Year’s Eve at 9:00 pm. Be there and you may run into me.”

DJ Marie of Sew & Tell

Photo courtesy of Joe Loong.

“One of my favorite bands is Over the Rhine, a husband-wife duo from Ohio, who tour pretty regularly throughout the year. They live on a farm outside Cincinnati, and have hosted concerts at their farm before, though I have yet to be able to attend one. I would *love* to ring in the new year with a concert there someday!”