Fitness Fashion 2014 - Fitness Week


By Emma Nolan

Photo courtesy of Adifansnet.

The January Blues are a time when we all repent for our over indulgences over the holidays. We are constantly bombarded with the phrase “New Year, New You!” and often feel guilty if we don’t participate in the annual resolution to lose weight and keep fit and eat healthier. Regardless of the social pressures to keep fit, it is something we should all do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If, however, you are going to hit the gym or go for a run or a swim, dress yourself in a way in which you will feel comfortable exercising in public. New workout gear will motivate you to get up and go.

The most important thing when starting a new workout regime is to make sure that you are wearing the correct footwear. I’m sure we are all aware of the impact that wearing incorrect footwear for exercise can have on our bodies and particularly injuries in the lower leg like shin-splints and fallen arches. For that reason, it is paramount that you invest in a pair of running shoes that will suit your needs. Nike is always a good place to start. For women, Nike’s Lunar Glide, and Zoom Fly ranges are a good place to start. For men, the Nike Air Max and Free ranges are always a popular yet practical choice. is a speciality store which can help you determine the best shoe for your foot and your running style.

What about the rest? Smelly, old sweatpants are not motivating anybody to do anything any time soon. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, start off in a workout outfit that won’t make you feel insecure in front of other people. You want to be comfortable enough that you won’t throw in the towel because you feel embarrassed in working out in front of fitter folk, you will be one of those fit people once you put the time and effort in.

Women’s sportswear pants can come in a regular, slim, or tight fit. Slim pants are the most flattering and leave lots of room for movement, tight fit is for intense workouts. While the range at Nike is pricey enough, high street stores like Forever 21 and American Apparel have more affordable active wear ranges that still look professional.

As far as tops go for women, invest in a good sports bra. The women’s training techfit bra from Adidas is a good purchase and the rest is easy. Begin with comfortable tank tops and t-shirts and as you gradually make progress and feel more comfortable with your body, you can move on to some more revealing pieces (as the weather gets warmer), whatever your preference. The active wear range at American Apparel have great crop tops for showing off those abs, and paired with their full length and knee length pants, and their motion shorts, you’ll be excited to get ready for the gym.

For the guys, choosing pants to workout in need not be a chore, go for whatever fit makes you comfortable. Nike Track Running Tights are a good all-rounder but pricy. Macy’s has a great men’s active wear section for a more reasonable price to get yourself started. Light cotton t-shirts that allow your skin to breathe are also necessary.

Swimming is a great way to burn calories and tone up without putting any pressure on your joints. Athletic swimwear is crucial to making you feel relaxed and content with your workout at the pool.

One pieces for women are the best way to start. Nike’s power back team colour-block is a good basic to have. It’s simple yet stylish and supportive. For the more adventurous swimmers out there. Stella McCartney’s swimwear range for Adidas is very unique. It is shaped with panel that give a slimmed down look and the high waist detailing gives it an almost vintage feel whist still remaining athletic and professional. This is an investment piece that is available in a variety of colours and would fit in in both a gym and on the beach.

As for the boys, Nike’s swimwear range is reasonably priced and includes both swim trunks, briefs, and upper body wear for swimming.

Although New Year’s resolutions are cliché, January is still a fresh start and a time to develop new, good habits and healthy lifestyle choices. The thought of exercising fills many of us with dread and anxiety, but the hardest part is getting started. Once you see the benefits you realize why it was all worth it. When you have the right footwear and feel comfortable in your workout clothes, there’s nothing stopping you.