Stellar Road Trip Apps


Screenshot of the Roadtripping app for iPhone.

Just in time for this week’s Roadside Assistance podcast on BTR comes an interesting post from Thirllist on “Four apps for a rockstar road trip.” Included in their selection are a few that BTR listeners are bound to appreciate.

Take Roadtrippers for instance, which practically serves as an automated travel agent to help you plan your cross-country excursion. There’s also an option to rely on “theme-based” trip guides, which include such focuses as “Into the Wild”, “Route 66”, and “Ghost Adventures”. (Ostensibly, we figure there’s got to be a musically themed guide, right?) The app also holds a pretty remarkable database of over 75,000 places of interest including independent hotels, restaurants, camp grounds, amusement parks, stadiums, and historical sites.

To help you navigate the roadways easier along the way, there’s the Waze app which is built on the simple concept of crowdsourced traffic reporting. With a network of over 30 million users, Waze provides real-time updates to help you best avoid collisions, rubbernecking, and general congestion on the concrete.

While 30 million might seem like a lot, the app’s regional base seems to hover around the coasts of the United States, along with part of the Ohio River Valley. So if you’re from the Pacific Northwest you might be out of luck. But if you’re spending your summer road trip soaking up some serious sun anywhere from New York City to Southern California, you may very well be able to avoid ever having to slow down along the way.

While you’re down there, don’t get stuck without Wi-Fi. Find the closest of over 800,000 free and paid WiFi hotspots in over 140 countries with Wi-Fi Finder. We’re guessing the app could come in handy when perusing cheap hotels that may not offer an optimal connection.

Finally, no more paying a dollar and change to mail home a memento of the road to friends and loved ones. With the Postcard on the Run app you can — you guessed it! — take a picture on your smartphone of wherever you are on your road trip and place a scenic border around it with your choice of “Wish You Were Here”-style greetings.

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