Sports Fix Chicago - "Bears Are Team to Beat in NFC"


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  You think the guy from Sports Fix Chicago is a homer.  You think I’m your typical Bears fan that predicts the Bears will win the Super Bowl at the start of every season, and whose whole world collapses every time they lose.

Well I’m not.

I’m the guy that expects the worst at the start of every season. I hated the Cutler trade, I can’t believe we still don’t have a left tackle, and I wish Anthony Adams was still at DT simply because the man is hilarious.  I am a Bears fan, but let’s just say that my life doesn’t revolve around this team, and I’m not suffering from the delusions that plague most Chicago fans.

The Chicago Bears are a very solid team this year, and the NFC is a very tough conference.  Perhaps that’s not the ringing endorsement you were expecting considering I’m using this forum to proclaim the Bears as the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl in February, but the other contenders just aren’t as good as the Bears.

Let’s take a look at the other favorites.

The Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are still undefeated, but they’re also still the Falcons.  They’re a great regular season team, and one that hasn’t proven they can win in the playoffs. Sure things can change, but there’s already a way to beat the Falcons, they just haven’t played a team good enough to execute it: run the football.

The Falcons are 28th in the league in rush defense as of this writing.  They’ve had close games against lesser teams like Oakland because the Raiders kept the ball on the ground and kept the Falcons potent offense off the field.  Once they face a team with a good defense and a good ground attack, they’re toast.

San Francisco: Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith.  Their Quarterback is Alex Smith.  Sure he’s got some decent targets, and a nice running back, but he’s still Alex Smith.

The 49ers are only 1-2 against teams with winning records, and their only win came against the Packers when Green Bay wasn’t playing well.  The Niners are have been overrated ever since that game because it was on national television to start the season, and because people still though the Packers were the team to beat. San Francisco is solid, but Alex Smith doesn’t lead a team to the Super Bowl in a strong conference.

Green Bay Packers: Yes, the Packers have the Bears’ number.  No, I don’t want to face them in the playoffs.  But aside from the win against Texas, their offense has been out of sync.  Aaron Rodgers has to be perfect for them to beat good teams, and he has had very few great games thus far.

They’re a team that can’t afford any let-downs the rest of the season because of their slow start.  It really looked like they found their rhythm after winning two tough games at Houston and St. Louis, but their victory against Jacksonville on Sunday was sloppy.  With injuries to Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings, they have to be flawless. If they aren’t, any team better than the Jags will beat them.

New York Giants: This team frightens me. They’re playing great football right now, and they can put points on the board.

They went up 23-10 in the first half against the Cowboys, but they didn’t close it out until the final seconds. They already lost to the Cowboys in their first meeting, so they can lose, and they can lose to mediocre teams.

Eli Manning is a winner, and they’ve been there before.  My biggest reason for not going with the Giants is that they won the Super Bowl last year.  It’s a very tough league to repeat in, and to play into February two years in a row is playing a lot of football games.  I know it’s a weak argument, but hey, maybe I am a bit of a homer.

Scott is the editor at Sports Fix Chicago.  Follow him @sportsfxchicago and like their Facebook page.