some of it was true - "Friday Films"

Things are better today.  So much better, in fact, that, in a return as glorious and rhapsodic as Tristan’s in Legends of the Fall, Friday Films is being dusted down and shoved into the SOIWT spotlight.  Last spotted sometime in the 1990s, Friday Films is an allegedly-weekly post that collates recent videos from London acts which this blog likes.  Simple.  Here goes:

Sheen – Hey Hey
Hey Hey‘s not a new song – see here – but it’s now been given motion accompaniment:

I Am Harlequin – Something Else
The one in which, to the tune of her latest slice of perky alt-pop, I Am Harlequin goes on a slightly bizarre date…

The Machine Gunners – Fair Weather Friend
Recently-featured, this song’s now backed by a neat video.  Fast exists – they’re always tricky to perfect.

That’s far too much fun for one Friday.

Courtesy of some of it was true.