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Play along! What expressions WAS Silver Age maestro Curt Swan drawing?

1. Is that a piece of Luthor skull on my shoe?
2. Whistling at pretty girls on construction site
3. Indigestion
4. Reading posts on DC Comics forums
5. Resting eyes during medal-receiving ceremony
6. What the hell is Lois/Lana wearing?
7. Quietly judging you
8. Resting eyes during info-dump
9. Drunk burping
10. Laughing off a black eye
11. Growing old before your eyes
12. Feeling the wind in his hair while driving down the highway in a convertible (now THAT’S how you do “Grounded”)
13. Early stage of a sneeze
14. Middle stage of a sneeze
15. Late, but not final stage of a sneeze (prepare for hurricane)
16. Looking at a dirty spot on a wall
17. Waking up from a nap
18. Urinal face
19. Reacting to a flasher
20. Not hiding a black eye very well
21. Whistling at pretty girls at the beach
22. Trying to catch the first snowflake
23. I SEE YOU! (Morrison Special)

How’d I do?

Courtesy of Siskoid’s Blog of Geekery.