Selective Potential - "An Austin Adventure"
Hey y’all! Sorry I’m blowing through these Austin posts, but truth be told, I’m ready to move on after this week. I have a full week of guest bloggers next week, because I’ll be on semi-vacation traveling around Michigan this weekend and next. Our big trip to the upper peninsula didn’t work out, so we formed two small weekend trips, which I’m really excited about. After next week, I’ll finish out August and go into September with some posts of lighthouses and adventures, and then it’ll be autumn here in Michigan. Crazy, right?!
For the last night in Austin, after the conference was done, there was a small after-party. It was one of my favorite events actually because the stress of speaking was over, they offered free drinks (hello jalapeno watermelon margaritas!) and some appetizers. Plus, I was able to chat with other people I didn’t get a chance to much during the conference. It was on an outdoor patio and it was so hot, but I loved the misting fans. I got a weird heat rash on the back of my legs though by the end of the night. I definitely am a Michigander.
After the after-party, a bunch of us went out to another bar to grab more drinks. I loved sitting and chatting with new friends Moorea of Moorea Seal, Chelsey of The Paper Mama and German Susie. They were some of the sweetest, most down-to-earth gals. I headed out early by myself to finally get some sleep, some A/C and to just catch my breath. It was good to wake up the next morning, grab a bite and head off to the airport without feeling crazily rushed.

So yeah! It was a great time in Austin. I might be back for one more post depending on photos, but if not, I’ll be back Sunday/Monday with a post on my Madewell event (I’m behind!) and then I’ll have some amazing guest blogger posts for you guys. Seriously – they turned out awesome. I’m really excited to share. Other than that, I’m outta here to the real fun of exploring + lighthousing with my love!

Outfit details:
PacSun shorts
Madewell Scallop Top
Arrow Necklace c/o Creature Comfort
Kilty Suede Moccasin c/o Minnetonka Moccasin

Courtesy of Selective Potential.
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