Scares, Stares, and Hairs - Theme Week


Parties today have evolved into all types of crazy thematic celebrations. At this festive stage in the game, toga parties are staid, and even the days of “Kegs and Eggs” are over.

Check out the following not-your-mother’s theme parties and marvel at Millennial creativity.

YouTube Sensations

From Jimmy McMillan (“the rent is too damn high”) to Sweet Brown (“ain’t nobody got time for that”) to Chris Crocker (“leave Britney alone!”), YouTube harbors a wealth of mockable personalities. Why celebrate these icons by sitting at home in your underwear when you can instead dress up like them and get drunk with your friends?

Image courtesy of Todd Barnard.

Now, how do we get Surprise Kitty on the guest list?

Mustache Party

Clever take on eroding gender roles, or resourceful use for the office supply of Sharpies? Mustache parties are oft funded, or at least supported by, the American Mustache Institute. By parting mustache style, you’re behind the battle that fights for greater acceptance of facial hair in the workplace.

Photo by Betsy Weber.

Viagra and Sweatpants Party

Maybe the base nature of the theme doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but presumably that’s the point! Viagra is only over-the-counter in certain countries, like Mexico, so a trip to our Southern neighbors and a small smuggling operation might be necessary–not that BTR condones pill-popping or drug trafficking. Or, better yet, get a compelling note from your doctor. Or just don’t do this one.

Pre-Work Party

Gyms suck. Wake up and go to a 7 am rave before work instead!

Morning Glory raves are sweeping cities like London, Paris, and New York. All the elements of a traditional rave (EDM, dancing, costumes, optional drugs) meet all the elements of a traditional morning (coffee, OJ, sunlight) plus extra features like massages and painting.

Speaking of which, BTR’s own Sophia Polin attended the Daybreaker morning rave in Manhattan, and you can check out her first hand account here.

Photo by villunderlondon.

America-According-to-Non-Americans Party

France has dainty champagne flutes. Germany has bold glass steins. Here in the USA, we have red Solo Cups.

The prepackaged red plastic cup is so symbolic of American drinking culture that companies like Party Cups UK market them overseas to people wanting to recreate our revelry. Country pop star Toby Keith even wrote a ballad immortalizing the beloved drinking vessel. A proud heritage, to be sure.

Photo by Arvind Grover.

Eye-Gazing Party

Recent studies show eye contact makes us resistant to persuasion and triggers mimicking mechanisms between two people. Since imitation is the best form of flattery, the gesture should help with your love life. At least that’s what author Michael Ellsberg (The Power of Eye Contact) hopes.

Ellsberg took his philosophy to the next step and launched “eye-gazing parties,” where groups of singles get together and stare at each other in silence for 45 minutes or so. When that’s all done, participants then start drinking and exchanging contact information with potential dates. The gatherings may sound strange or forced, but at least they’re getting attention, with features in The New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, and

The Great Horror Campout

Okay, okay, it’s not really a party, but it is one hell of a theme.

The Great Horror Campout (GHC) is a 12-hour interactive event where participants spend the night in tents and are terrorized from dusk till dawn by actors with machetes and chainsaws. Individuals choose their level of participation, but should note that being hooded and kidnapped is likely. This summer, if you’re looking for an alternative to those boring barbecues, the GHC tours along the West Coast until September.

Photo courtesy of the Great Horry Campout Facebook page.

Ha! And you thought Halloween parties were cool.