BTR Staff Poll: New Year's Musical Resolutions, Part II - New Year's Week


With the last breaths of 2011 upon us, BTR brings you an additional helping of our most recent staff poll on musical resolutions for the new year. We kept the questions simple: What personal listening habit would you most like to change and in what ways would you like music to change in 2012? Our fist edition found answers were either hilariously trite (DJ Lottie asking for more chicks in music), or rather comprehensive (DJ Drew’s vendetta with dubstep). Today’s post shows our second round of responses are consistent along these lines, but informative as ever. See for yourself below.

DJ Meredith (The Afrobeat Show/ Xtreme Endurance/ Carribean Fever)

My musical resolution is to listen to more:

(broken down by genre and show)


Baoku Moses – Amazing drumming with powerful lyrics.
Kahli Abdu – An extremely talented rapper who incorporates Fela Kuti’s music.
Pax Nicholas – His last album went under the radar over 30 years after Fela Kuti banned it for rivaling his music. He has a new album with Daptone set to release 2012.

Official cover art for Part One: Na Teef Know de Road of Teef by Pax Nicholas, courtesy of Daptone Records.

I’m also loving all the Afro-house from artists like Dele Sosimi, Stan-Ley, and Wunmi. I’d like to continue listening to more international Afrobeat because there’s some great music out there. Jungle By Night is from Amsterdam and their band plays some hard hitting stuff! Their band members range in age from 15-22, though they play with such maturity.

Caribbean Fever

I would love to discover more female vocalists like Cherine Anderson, Tessanne Chin, and Jodian Pantry. 2011 unveiled a lot of great artists from both the UK and Europe — Gappy Ranks being my favorite. I’d like to continue listening to more artists from there. I vow to try to stop listening to and playing Dancehall that promotes guns and violence — there’s enough of a problem with this already and I don’t want to help endorse it. Positive vibes for 2012!


Xtreme Endurance

I’m loving all that I’ve discovered in 2011 and really found amazing beats and vocals from around the world — especially Romania! Wow, I never thought I’d fall in love with so many artists from another country: Inna (my absolute favorite of the year, finding another Inna will be my mission from another country), Anda Adam, Andra, Elena Gheorghe… this could be a long list!

Romania’s chief export: supplying tracks for Xtreme Endurance with DJ Meredith. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

So for 2012, I’d love to find another country like Romania that’s produced such mega hits — I will continue my hunt in search of this.

I’d also love to find some uptempo stuff from some more unexpected places that haven’t been discovered or played here yet. Finally, I’m on a hunt for more vocalists like Inusa Dawuda, Inaya Day, Low Deep T (he was an end-of-year discovery — very talented, can’t wait to hear more from him) and I’ll be searching for more artists like Nervo, Sidney Samson, and Afrojack!

DJ Wynn (DJ Wynn BTR/ The Worldwide Hour)

My New Year’s Musical Resolution is to spend more time with whole records. I think in the digital age of mp3s, playlists, and mediafire, my listening habits have become erratic. I jump from headline to headline, looking for new music and forgetting albums within weeks. No more. I want to listen, converse, clean to, and kill the records of 2012, just like I did in high school.

DJ Thompson (Anatomy of a Blogger/ Geek Out)

My resolution is to try and look beyond the hype machine and make a greater effort to find lesser-known groups. I get the uneasy feeling sometimes that we’re all listening to the same stuff. I want to go deeper down the rabbit hole and see where it takes me. I guess what this means is that I have to stop visiting a certain music and culture website religiously.

DJ Avi Ben-Zvi (SimuNation/ Social Media Director)

Something everyone probably struggles with — loading up your music library with a bunch of good tunes, and then forgetting about 50% of them. My resolution strives to put an end to this habit, and really take advantage of the awesome tunage coming my way.

Mary Kate Polanin (Social Media Associate)

My resolution is to listen to more uplifting music. I listened to a lot of go-to break up music this year for some reason, which I highly discourage if you’re like me and aren’t even going through a break up. Still, Adele’s 21 makes you wish you *had* broken up with someone this year, if only for the benefit of producing an album half as stellar as she did. Maybe it’s embedded in my genetic code as a female, but listening to the fiery defiance of “Rolling in the Deep” (when it wasn’t being spun on every other FM radio station) crumble to the forlorn self-resignation of “Someone Like You” is enough to make anyone want settle into a marathon of Lifetime movies with those good old friends Ben and Jerry.

Adele portrait by Vector Portal.

Where was I? Oh, positive music! Right. I kind of hope a cappella becomes less of a novelty and more of a music genre in its own right. As a former a cappella singer, I can say that a lot of joy can come from hearing a song you know and love re-imagined with nothing but vocal arrangements. Better yet, a cappella can take a song you hate and make you appreciate it in a new way. Ben Folds has long been to the de facto king of a cappella cover song choices, but I want to hear a wider variety of artists get the vocals-only treatment.

DJ Maia (The Folk Wave/ Live Studio)

In 2012, I’d like to beginning listening to full albums again the way I used to — by first skimming the whole thing, then honing in on a few early favorites, and finally growing to know (and love) them as bodies of work. Another resolution is to be very selective in acquiring new vinyl, and really appreciate the records I already own. A third resolution is to stay strong in the face of an overwhelming daily deluge of new music. Last but not least, I want to listen to more music and read less music reviews.

DJ Chris Hatzis (Trans-Pacific/ BTR Top 10/ Program Director)

My music resolution for 2012 is to avoid music popular with 25-year-old hipsters with fully grown “old-man” beards.

DJ Emily Smith (DJ Emily BTR/ Alt-Country/ Revolver/ Ladies Skate Only/ Co-Director of Editorial)

My resolution is to never be a music snob. I resolve to continue to be open minded to all types of music. Whether it’s Top 40 or from a tribe in Africa, I’ll give it a chance. Additionally, I’ll never judge someone for their musical tastes.

There you have it, folks. Feel free to leave any more of your musical resolutions for the new year in the comments section. From everyone at BreakThru Radio, we’ll see you in 2012!