Tweeting Some Game: eFlirt Expert Tells Us How - Internet Dating Week


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Anyone can set up an online profile, but not everyone knows how to use it. Sometimes, it’s easier to do more damage than good. Fortunately, Laurie Davis, the original ‘eFlirt Expert,’ recognized the dire necessity for strategic social seduction practices early on and created a business around it. As an online dating consultant, the founder and CEO of eFlirt Expert offers a variety of services to help social courting hopefuls make the most of their virtual personas and streamline the process from single to strings attached. Ingeniously arranged as a menu of cosmopolitan cocktails and happy hour wines, Davis’ site assists the legion of aspiring lovers to uncover their particular style of dating and win the quest to aim Cupid’s arrows in a straight line.

“The power of my company is we know all the little secrets,” explains Davis, who herself found love via Twitter. “In general, the biggest trick is to be specific. Rather than say you’re adventurous, for example, tell a story about an adventure you went on. Or instead of saying you like to go out to dinner with your girlfriends, name places you enjoy. Any specific details about your lifestyle provide an easier way to assimilate with someone.”

Of course, each site’s a little different so eFlirt Expert has additionally crafted flirting strategies catered to whichever platform you find most suited for your tastes. Facebook profiles, indicates Davis, require quick, descriptive phrases that send specific messages, but leave more to the imagination. The idea is to intrigue people, yet not go crazy with personal details, as you’ll also be passing that info along to friends, family, and coworkers. Knowing your audience, then, is an important part of the process, as is keeping with the tone of the forum.

Furthermore, specific dating sites don’t always lead to the same result. Some achieve higher success rates depending on age group or city base.

“Our philosophy is that every site is good for someone but no site is good for everyone,” Davis clarifies. “We’re currently developing an eFlirt engine which will allow someone to answer a few quick questions to determine what site they should be on.”

So what options do you have exactly on eFlirt Expert? Lots.

The amenities page divides up services between minimalist needs, dubbed “House Wines,” and more intricate planning provisions, the “Specialty Cocktails.” For the basics, you can get help drafting playful tweets, email responses, or profile makeovers. More extensive packages present one-on-one consultations, and continuous advice throughout the process. Additionally, eFlirt Expert provides a VIP package for those with bigger budgets and less time to manage their personal affairs. Geared towards busy executives, Davis’ team assists on all aspects of a love life for a six-month basis, including “finding potential matches, communicating with prospects… getting offline, planning a date, and picking out a wardrobe.”

Despite the fact these romance specialists are handling a lot of the dirty work, Davis maintains it’s a coaching and development process so that those who take advantage will eventually be set free to manage everything on their own with no problem. The worst mistake people make, she says, is dwelling on the negative. A bad attitude never got you far in life anyway, certainly not in terms of relationships, therefore it’s important to color your profile with features you are looking for in a partner, rather than those you despise.

Davis’ lasting advice: “Nobody is perfect on paper, not even you… Be open to possibilities.”